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The Great Conversation


The Tippecanoe School Corporation is excited to offer a special educational opportunity to our community. We invite you to view this informative, entertaining video series called, The Great Conversation™. You will gain a better understanding of public education’s success, how our schools have changed over time and the benefits we all enjoy when we work together to increase student achievement.

The Great Conversation is hosted by Jamie Vollmer. Once a harsh critic, this former businessman and attorney has become an award-winning champion of America’s public schools.

“Public schools are being asked to educate the most diverse, distracted, demanding generation of students the world has ever seen,” says Vollmer. “Our teachers need all the support they can get."

The Great Conversation video series makes the case that, in the ‘knowledge age,’ everyone has a vested interest in increasing student achievement. 

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this information, please contact TSC Superintendent Dr. Scott Hanback,, or call (765) 474-2481.