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Early College - Vincennes University and TSC

The Tippecanoe School is pleased to partner with Vincennes University to offer an Early College initiative within both high schools in our corporation. The mission of the TSC Early College initiative is to allow students the opportunity to set themselves apart by earning a high school diploma and college credits in a coordinated pathway for college and career advancement.

The program is designed for participants to complete either the STGEC (Statewide Transfer General Education Certificate) of 30 college credits, a Technical Certificate, or an Associate Degree before graduating from high school.

Prospective students will apply during their 8th grade year and are selected in the spring before beginning high school.

For more information please access the Early College page at each high school.

Tippecanoe School Corporation Early College Program


College in high school is here! The Tippecanoe School Corporation Early College Program gives qualified, motivated students to get a money-saving head start on college. Students can earn college credits or even get an associate degree while still in high school.

We offer a variety of courses in partnership with Vincennes University. Students will found out what college coursework is really like while they learn about various career paths.

Certificates and degrees are accepted at all Indiana public universities (Purdue, Indiana University, Ball State, Indiana State) For families, it can mean the dream of attending college becomes more affordable.

Courses are taught by credentialed TSC faculty, adjunct Vincennes University faculty or through distance education.


  • Earn both high school and college credit
  • Participate in a rigorous curriculum that is relevant to college completion
  • Prove college readiness
  • Complete your degree faster
  • Take fewer courses per semester
  • Allow time to pursue a double major, study abroad, participate in an internship, or take advanced courses
  • Save money
  • Avoid remediation

Characteristics of students

  • Are academically motivated
  • Possess at or above grade-level reading ability and academic skills
  • Are interested in 30-60 college credits while in high school
  • May be interested in a career/tech path

Costs and Savings

  • Tuition for early college courses is $25 - $75 per college credit hour, and most courses are 3 credit hours. Course costs range from $75 - $225. Theremay be added costs for textbook purchases or rental.
  • The total cost for the 30-credit- hour Statewide Transfer General Education Core certificate (STGEC) ranges from $750 - $2,250.
  • 30 credit hours = 1 year of college. This compares to more than $10,000 + room and board for one year at Purdue University or more than $4,100 at Ivy Tech Community College.

Compare to AP courses

  • Small learning community cohort
  • Earn college credit with coursework
  • Must demonstrate college readiness
  • Official college class - the grade counts
  • Partnership with college/university
  • Offered by all U.S. high schools
  • Standard curriculum recognized worldwide
  • Potential to earn college credit with a test score, but no college credit guarantee
  • Universally recognized on high school transcripts by colleges


To allow students the opportunity to set themselves apart by earning a high school diploma and college credits in a coordinated effort for college and career advancement.