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Picture of a student wearing blue and raspberry-colored top with dirty hands holding a toad.

Message from the Principal

Mike Pinto

Parents, it has been a great school year. This is the summer edition of the Cole Courier with information you will need to know all summer. Look for a Back-to-School Cole Courier in August with the latest back-to-school information, but for now, enjoy this newsletter. Keep a copy in your in-box for easy reference about dates and programs. Thank you for a wonderful school year and for sharing your children with us.
I have given the children homework over the summer. I am expecting they do five things this summer. They all are MUSTs.  These five pieces of summer homework include:
  1. Get your hands dirty! What is summer without dirty hands? Boring. Get out in the dirty. Trudge through the creek. Fix your bike. Get your hands all goopy with sweet cordn. Bake cookies. Weed the garden. Get your hands dirty.
  2. Eat ice cream! It's the summer, for heaven's sake. Ice cream is a necessity. Find time to enjoy a cone or a dish, but enjoy some rich, sweet, cold goodness. 
  3. READ! Avoid the summer slide. Read. Your child will lose traction over the summer if he/she does not read. Don't make it a chore, but when your child is bored, offer a book. Take a trip to the library. Read for fun.
  4. Be safe! We want you safe.It's that simple. Just be smart this summer. I have no problem with scraped knees from falling off the bikes and while I don't necessarily endorse climbing trees and jumping out, part of the summer is for adventure. It isn't for lack of common sense. Never share your name or contact information online to anyone. Never run into the street without stopping and looking both ways. Never turn on the oven without Mom or Dad home. Be safe. We like you as you are - safe and whole.
  5. Have fun! Summer is all about fun. Make sure you are having fun. It's a time to sleep in. It's a time to play games and try new things. It's a time to swim and catch lightning bugs and build memories. Whatever you do this summer, make sure you have fun because that's what summer's all about.
Picture of a young lady in the midst of jumping into a mud puddle at the county fair. She is wearing boots, a tank top, and shorts as well as a giant smile.

Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair

Mark your calendar for July 21-29 for the Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair. There will be many Cole Cubs participating. Some will have exhibits, some will be showing livestock, some will be working the different tents. Here, Miss Scout is doing what Mr. Pinto asked - getting her hands (and her body) dirty at the fair. Mrs. Storms runs the Beef Tent. Stop in and see her. Mrs. Marks is always in the crowd watching the cattle show. Mrs. DeFreese is in her glory helping her children get ready to show livestock. Mrs. Doke is in the stands watching her son wrangle cattle, and Mr. Pinto is hovering near the lemon shake-up stand with bits of elephant ear on his face waiting to purchase the next piece of goodness the fair has to offer. Come see the exhibits, wander through the livestock tent, eat a milkshake or a ribeye, and see Cole Cubs in action.  We measure a lot of pieces on our school's dashboard including extracurricular involvement like sports and 4-H. It's always a great time. Come on out!

Food Finders Logo shows the outline of a red apple with the white core in the shape of a heart. Food Finders is written across the bottom third of the white background in black with the words Rescuing Food, Reducing Hunger written in small font underneath the Food Finders words.

Summer Meal Program


Dear Parent/Guardian,


This summer we will be offering a special, free meal delivery program with kid-friendly food in Lafayette.


Many families rely on school breakfast and lunch to help ease tight budgets. However, when summer arrives, and school meals are no longer an option, it becomes harder to make ends meet. This summer pilot program helps families stretch their resources and ensures that children receive nutritious meals throughout the summer and return each school year ready to learn. By serving meals in your home to your children and other children in the community, you can ensure that all children have the food they need this summer.


Families accepted to the program will receive healthy, kid-friendly lunches and snacks delivered directly to their door each week. To be accepted, families must agree to serve meals to children from outside their home, attend a program training and complete basic paperwork. We are excited for the opportunity to support our community through this program, and encourage you to apply if this program is right for your family.


An enrollment form is attached for your convenience. If you are interested in participating in the program, please fill out the attached form and return it to Courtney Sloan at Food Finders by June 1st. You can also apply online at Here Accepted families will be notified of their acceptance by our team.


Thank you for your interest!  If you have questions or need more information, call Courtney Sloan at 765.471.0062 or email at



Courtney Sloan

Program Coordinator



Cole Elementary

Classroom Teaching Roster for 2018-2019

Kindergarten: Tiffani Earley, Megan Rock, Ginnie Sheets

First Grade: Kelly Curtis, Julie Storms

Second Grade: Tracey Harris, Natalie Oakley

Third Grade: Ellen DeFreese, Angie Marks

Fourth Grade: Brittany Bredar, Jessica Ferger

Fifth Grade: Ashley Lord, Eric Russell

Counselor: Heather Burton

Resource: Anne Graves

Navy Blue square.  TSC Logo centered vertically on left side. (underneath the logo in small white letters is written Crisis Response Team)  Next to it in big white letters SEE Underneath "Something"  Underneath something are these words in yellow "Say Something". Represents the concept of "See Something; Say Something" as a safety measure

Address and Phone Number

Here's a simple test for your child. Ask him/her to recite your phone number and also to recite your address. If your child cannot recite both, that is part of your summer mission. Make it a song. Practice in the car to and from ballgames or grocery shopping. Make it something that is second nature. Sometimes the simplest safety measures are the most important ones. 

A yellow image of a sun that is smiling with rays coming off in all directions.

Happy Retirement

We would like to honor and thank Mrs. Downham, Mrs. Erickson, and Mrs. Kelsey on their retirement at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. They have offered countless children a better start to life through their kindnesses, instructional practices, and heart. Congratulations and enjoy your retirement.


 Curricular Fees

At the time of school registration in July/Early August, you will be asked to pay curricular fees. At the time of registration, you will also have the ability to complete the application for meal and textbook rental assistance or set up a payment plan for the fees owed for your child. The curricular fees for the 2018-2019 include:


Kindergarten: $88.77               Third Grade: $82.82

First Grade: $95.96                   Fourth Grade: $84.40

Second Grade: $95.35              Fifh Grade: $85.41

*Please note that in 2019-2020 this fee will include new curricular materials for English-Language Arts which will make this fee greater.

Official logo of Keep Stockwell Beautiful.  Computer image of a sun rising with the word Stockwell written over the perimeter of the half sphere. Keep is written to the left of the sun image in blue. Underneath in cursive in blue is the word Beautiful with an orange butterflyresting on the B

Bulky Trash


Clarks Hill Town Pride has scheduled Bulky Trash for Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20 at the Fire station.


Keep Stockwell Beautiful has been scheduled for 


Saturday,  June 23 from 8-6

Sunday, June 24 from 8-6


It will be held at Wainwright Middle School this year because of a large Summer Rec tournament held at Cole.


E-Waste will Not be rescheduled at this time.

Tractor tires are $10

Collecting non-perishable food items for the Clarks Hill Food Pantry.


Items accepted are non-freon, non-hazardous household items.

Picture of a black and gray wireless mouse.

Computer Mouse for Next Year

Next year on the school supply list, there will be an option for students in grades 3-5 to bring with them to school a wireless mouse. This is an option, but one many students may want to take advantage of as we become more skilled with our Chromebooks. If you have a child who will be a student in grades 3-5 next year, you might consider picking a wireless mouse up over the summer in preparation for next year.

Symbol for Cole Professional Academy. The symbol is a black solid circle. Inside the circle is a Capital C that has the bottom fourth green. The remaining portion of the C is white with black strips.  Underneath in black is the word COLE in capital and bold face. Underneath this is a line and written underneath in a small font are the words Professional Academy

Cole Professional Academy Dates 2018-2019

August 24: What is a Mentor?

September 7: What is Professionalism? Dress for Success

October 12: Manners in Dining

November 16: Independence: Demonstration Kitchen

December 7: Actions in Public: Museum, Concert, Funeral 

                            Etiquette and Sportsmanship

January 18: Career Part I: Job Applications and Email/Phone


February 1: Career Part II: Interviews; Interview Fair

March 8: Internet Presence & Plagiarism

April 2: Evening of Celebration at Duncan Hall


Big Events - Plan For Them Now


2018-2019 School Year 

July 16: On-Line Registration for 2018-2019 opens

Aug. 2: Walk-in and New Family Registration 12-7

Aug. 3: Walk-in and New Family Registration 8-1

Aug. 14: First Day of School: Students bring supplies

Aug. 14: Kindergarten Parent Meeting 9:00-10:30

Aug. 15: Open House/Conversation with Parents

               Session 1: 6:00-6:40

               Session 2: 6:45-7:25

Sept. 4: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00) *All new K parents attend

Oct. 6: K/1 Harvest Hoe-Down

Nov. 6: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Nov. 9: Veterans/Grandparents Day

             1:00 K-2 Show  2:00 3-5 Show

Feb. 5: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Feb. 15: K/1 Fair Tale Ball 1-3


April 2: Cole Professional Academy Celebration 6:00

              Thomas Duncan Hall; Lafayette, IN

April 3: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

April 10: Kindergarten Roundup

April 15: Kindergarten Assessment Day

May 9 & 10: Camp Tecumseh Overnight: Grade 4

May 10: First Grade Mother's Day Tea 1:30

May 13: First Grade Field Trip to Indianapolis Zoo

May 15: Grade 3 Wax Museum Parent Show: 10:00, 2:00

May 16: Grade 5 to Chicago

May 17: Kindergarten Celebration 10:00

May 20: Fifth Grade Celebration 9:00-11:30

May 21: Field Day *Tentative Schedule*

May 22: Awards Programs: Grades 1-2 (9:30), 3-4 (10:15)

May 23: Talent Show *Tentative Schedule*

May 23: Last Day of School *Subject to Change 

A line of different colored rectangles in the shape of a building (representing books) is across the top. Underneath the words Tippecanoe Count in small letters. Underneath it PUBLIC LIBRARY in capital bold letters.

Book Mobile

The Book Mobile runs twice a week to Stockwell and Clarks Hill.  Teach visit the Book Mobile stops at 9510 Pearl Street in Clarks Hill (The Church) from 6:30-7:00 and 6931 Church Street in Stockwell (The Church) from 7:15-7:45



June 11, 25; July 9, 23; August 6, 20

Drawn image of nine arms extended skyward at different heights in colors ranging from pruple, red, orange, yellow, green in different shades. At the bottom of the graphic is the word Volunteer written in white block letters.

Volunteer Information

As per Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy 8120 – Volunteers, each volunteer who is in direct contact with students will be required to submit a Limited Criminal History Record Check in order to volunteer within the school. Any chaperone who wishes to attend a field trip must also have a completed and approved Limited Criminal History Record Check as well. These forms are available on the TSC website and have been sent home already. Please contact Kelly Kesterson in the Cole Office if you have any questions.

Image of  TSC E-Flyers. Square Black Box. Inside in light color is the official TSC logo. Offset to the right at an angle is a flyer in green with an image of a man in a white shirt and gray tie. Underneath in cursive letters is the word Community Organizations.


TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.

TSC Official Logo: State of Indiana with 1962 written across bottom third. TSC across the mid section of Indiana from left to right in large Blue letters. A STAR indicating location of Tippecanoe County. Tippecanoe School Corporation written in circular fashion around the inner portion of the circle that houses the majority of the state of Indiana and completes the logo.

Register for TSC Alerts and Notifications
With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.



If you read this summer, you will be better off when August rolls around.

Don't forget to read.

May - 2018


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