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Back to School Cole Courier: August 2018



Through These Doors

Through these doors your children will come. They will come on the first day of school with anxious anticipation. They will come wearing brand new shoes, some wearing dresses, others wearing jeans. They will come with book bags filled with sharpened pencils, new folders, and unopened glue sticks. They will come with memories of the summer when their hands were dirty in play and their eyes were filled with all that is good about lightning bugs, softball games, swimming pools, and barbecues. Through these doors your children will come excited to meet their new teachers, anxious to see old friends, and meet new ones, and with hope that the excitement they have heard about the grade they are about to enter is good, true, and meets their expectations.  Through these doors your children will come. Some will be kindergarten students with wide eyes and the feeling that all is big, new, and shiny. Older students including the fifth graders who have finally climbed the summit of their school and for this year - will be the "Big Dogs" will also cross the threshold. Through these doors your chldren will come - some, new students to our school, who are a bit scared and also a bit excited. Through these doors will come moms, dads, and others who simply want what's best and are both happy and sad that the school year has begun.

Through these doors your children will come. Greeting them will be loving adults. These adults - teachers, custodians, secretaries, instructional assistants, principal, cooks, and bus drivers - will provide for them. They will focus on the mission of student learning and will encourage not only risk taking, but setting the bar high. Greeting these students will be a beautiful building with fresh decorations on the wall, good food in the cafeteria, shiny nets on the basketball playground, and the smell of new crayons. Through these doors your children will come and when they do, they will be greeted by many who care. They will be filled with hugs and high fives. Along with book learning, all who come will be exposed to things like how to shake a hand, how to be a friend, and how to open a milk carton. They will learn the school song and find successes. They will also sometimes find setbacks. That's okay, because we learn the most when we try, fail, then try again. Through these doors your children will come. When they do, they will be provided safety. They will be provided warmth. They will be exposed to many pieces of life otherwise yet encountered.

Through these doors your children will come. They will learn. They will be challenged. They will be loved. And that, in an essence, is what we are all about at our school. Because we understand that without the children coming through those doors, none of us would be. The children... they are our focus, and rest assured - when they come through these doors, our doors will open in to them. We will hunker down on the floor sometimes in circles. We will be sidling up next to them at their desk. We will be sitting across from them with others in activities. We will be smiling, wiping tears, occasionally cleaning up after them when they are ill, and always remembering that they are your precious love.

Through these doors your children will come When they do, we will take care of them. We will teach them. We will work our hardest to keep them safe. We will love them with all that we have. Through these doors your children will come. And when they do, we will be ready.

Message from the Principal

Mike Pinto

Welcome to the new school year. I am so honored to serve as the principal of James Cole Elementary School and am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead for your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of service to you in any capacity. This newsletter contains many pieces of information and links which will allow you to stay informed. Please read through all information carefully. This newsletter will be linked on the school's webpage as well for future reference. If I can ever be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me at 765-523-2141 Extention 1968.


Converations with Parents

This year Cole will not host a "Back to School" evening before the start of schoolwhere students drop off school supplies. We have found that this evening is often very hurried and can be stressful for parents and children.  Instead, we would like your child's first experience with school this year to be a calm one on the first day of school when she/he meets her/his teacher for the first time. We also would like your first experience with your child's teacher to be interactive and conversational. To that end, our teachers are working to frontload information to you as parents before school begins. Look for email communication and possibly short videos that will offer you information about procedures, handbook, and common questions. Then, on the evening of Wednesday, August 15, we will be hosting "Conversations with Parents" From 6:00-6:40 and from 6:45-7:25 our teachers will meet with parents and hold conversations about the school year, offer parents a chance to ask and answer questions, and hopefully connect at a much more meaningful level than a typical "Meet the Teacher" night or an Open House full of power points and a lot of sitting and listening. Childcare will be provided by the Cole PTO. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend sessions for each of your children. We are excited about the prospects for these conversations and hope you will find them to be purposeful and reassuring as you begin the new school year. Please note that kindergarten parents will be meeting with their child's teacher on the morning of the first day of school August 14 from 9:00-10:30 in their child's classroom. 


Study Buddies

Students in grades 2-5 will be asked to purchase a Study Buddy assignment book this year. The Study Buddies are $4 each and can be purchased beginning on the first day of school and also on our "Conversation with Parents" evening on August 15. Please help us by bringing exact change or a check written to Cole Elementary School.


Morning and Afternoon Procedures

In our daily mission to keep your child and everyone safe while at school, please review the following procedures:

Morning: Doors open at 7:00 for Just Us Kids. Students and parents are not to enter the building until 8:45. All are to remain seated on a chair in the lobby until the 8:50 bell rings. Breakfast eaters will be dismissed from buses at 8:45, all other students will be released with the bell at 8:50. Parents are to walk their child to the sidewalk or say their good-byes in the lobby. For safety purposes, please do not walk your child to his/her classroom. Also, please do not drop your child in the parking lot to have him/her navigate that space on his/her own. Please walk your child to the school. 9:00 is the tardy bell. Doors will lock. Student arriving after 9:00 must have parent sign him/her in.

Afternoon: Doors unlock at 3:20. Parents who are waiting for their child for Parent Pick up are to wait on the chairs in the lobby. Afternoon announcements will occur at 3:20. At that time students will finish instructions from teachers, help tidy the room, and parent pick up students will be dismissed. We ask that all parents exit the lobby by 3:30 when the dismissal bell rings. Students dismiss at 3:30. Buses roll at 3:35.

During School Hours: During school hours from 9:00-3:20, all exterior doors will remain locked. Parents wishing to enter the building must sound the buzzer on the far right door. You will be buzzed into the vestibule. New this year, you will also be buzzed into the school. The interior doors will remain locked. Parents are to immediately report to the office to sign-in and state your purpose.

Bus Safety: Your child is to remain seated on the school bus facing forward. Students are not to yell, throw objects, or travel from seat-to-seat. If you have a question or a problem about the bus, please speak directly to the bus driver. At no times are parents to board the school bus.

Classroom Visits: Please check into the office when you arrive at the school. You will be sent forward to your child's classroom only if you have an appointment or pre-determined reason for your visit. For the safety of all students and staff, we discourage drop-in visits and waiting outside classroom doors. Please assist with this procedure before, during, and after school. 

Thank you for assisting us in our mission of providing a safe learning environment. Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Pinto with questions or concerns. 


Kindergarten Color Days

Please join us during the following fun, themed days as wel celebrate the rainbow of colors with our kindergarten students. All students at Cole are invited to participate. This fun two-week kick-off has been a longstanding tradition at Cole with a hgih percentage of students and adults participating. Please consider joining or kindergarten in this back-to-school event.

August 20: Red Day               August 27: Purple Day

August 21: Green Day           August 28: Orange Day

August 22: White Day            August 29: Black Day

August 23: Yellow Day          August 30: Brown Day

August 24: Blue Day              August 31: Rainbow Day


 Cole Spirit Wear

Would you like to order Cole Spirit Wear for you or your child to begin the school year? Orders will be taken through August 31 for Spirit Wear through The Athlete. The linke below has all the details.


Social Media Protocols

Cole Elementary School has two active social media platforms: Facebook - James Cole Elementary School and Instagram - jamescoleelementary. Mr. Pinto also has a Twitter account: @ColePrincipal.  Many classroom teachers also have Instagram accounts. These platforms are used to share the wonderful opportunities your children are afforded at school. Please enjoy them for that purpose. Please also limit comments to those positive in nature.  The time and place to air concerns is not on these platforms.

To that end, please also help us by calling the school and speaking with your child's teacher or the principal with a concern. Please take the approach "Would I want someone else to share their frustration about me on social media?" before posting.  In most cases, a resolution can be found in situations of concern.  Social media offers one perspective to a problem that often has many different parts.  

Finally, many of our fourth and fifth grade students are dipping their toes into the world of social media. Please consider adopting a protocol that limits the number of people they follow and who you allow to follow them to a handful. Make the decision yours as the parents so the pressure of 'following', 'liking', 'retweeting', 'sharing', etc. falls on you, not your child. Difficulties lie when this platform becomes more than children can manage or when adults weigh into child problems through social media comments. By controlling the number and flow of these comments, just like when you first learned to drive with another adult in the passenger seat, you are riding along with your child into this new world. Consider these protocols with social media, and as always, thank you for your support of Cole and its instructional mission.


Cole Elementary

Classroom Teaching Roster 

Kindergarten: Tiffani Earley, Megan Rock, Ginnie Sheets

First Grade: Kelly Curtis,  Morgan Gardner, Julie Storms

Second Grade: Tracey Harris, Natalie Oakley

Third Grade: Ellen DeFreese, Angie Marks

Fourth Grade: Brittany Bredar, Jessica Ferger

Fifth Grade: Ashley Lord, Eric Russell

Counselor: Heather Burton

Resource: Anne Graves

Physical Education: Patrick Schultheiss

Music: Ruth Ewigleben

Art: Kim Cullen

Speech: Brittany Bruck

Navy Blue square.  TSC Logo centered vertically on left side. (underneath the logo in small white letters is written Crisis Response Team)  Next to it in big white letters SEE Underneath "Something"  Underneath something are these words in yellow "Say Something". Represents the concept of "See Something; Say Something" as a safety measure

School Safety Forum

TSC parents and staff are invited to attend a School Safety Forum at McCutcheon High School on August 9, 2018 from 7-8 pm.  This will be a conversaton about current and future steps being taken in TSC and a dialogue about how you can stay informed and assist with our mission of school safety. Please see information linked below.

A yellow image of a sun that is smiling with rays coming off in all directions.

A Message from Mrs. Burton,

School Counselor

With the new school year upon us, comes inevitable change. To best support your child, here are some tips and things to consider:

Communicate with your child
Ask about how your child's day went, about friendships, and class work. Show them you care and are truly interested.

Communicate with your child's teacher
Ask questions, attend parent-teacher conferences, inform teachers of changes at home that might impact your student's day. Teachers are better able to meet your child's needs if you both are able to communicate openly and honestly with one another.

Let your child "fail"
Children need to experience failure in order to succeed. Protecting your child too much or being overly involved in some situations can lead to helplessness, resulting in your child lacking appropriate coping skills when faced with inevitable setbacks. Of course we want the best for our children, but we should avoid depriving them of the experiences they need to have in order to develop resilience and belief in themselves that they can make it through such challenges. 

Here's to an awesome school year!!

For more information about the way I work with students and teachers please visit my website:

- Mrs. Burton 


Navigating the TSC and Cole Websites

Please find the link below with information in the form of a short video which will help you navigate the TSC and Cole webpages. The webpages are useful tools for you to bookmark for information about TSC, Cole, and your child's classroom. We hope this short vidoe is helpful.


A Quick Tour Through Student Handbook

Please find information linked below which will include a tour of the Cole Student-Parent Handbook. You will also find a link to the Student-Parent Handbook as well. This information can be found on the Cole Website.  We hope this short vidoe is helpful.


 Curricular Fees

At the time of school registration in July/Early August, you will be asked to pay curricular fees. At the time of registration, you will also have the ability to complete the application for meal and textbook rental assistance or set up a payment plan for the fees owed for your child. The curricular fees for the 2018-2019 include:


Kindergarten: $88.77               Third Grade: $82.82

First Grade: $95.96                   Fourth Grade: $84.40

Second Grade: $95.35              Fifh Grade: $85.41


*Please note that in 2019-2020 this fee will include new curricular materials for English-Language Arts which will make this fee greater.


Meal Charge Account Procedures

In accordance with School Board policy, the Superintendent requires School Corporation Food Service personnel to comply with National School Lunch Program standards and establishes these procedures to govern meal charge accounts. Cafeteria purchases may be prepaid into individual food service accounts before melal service begins or paid as they receive meals. Prepayments into individual food service accounts may be made anytime through the Corporation's online prepayment system or by cash or check at the school. The only deductions made fro prepaid accounts will be for the purchase of meals or other allowable food purchases in the cafeteria. In accordance with School Board policy, a student may charge for meals if his/her account has an insufficient balance to cover the charge. However, no account will be allowed to exceed a significant negative balance owed in excess of the equivalent of the cost of three lunches as established in School Board policy. Staf members and adult community residents shal not be permitted to charge meals. A student whose account has a significant negative balance may not charge or purchase 'a la carte' items, including extra main course entrees. If a student has a significant negative lunch account balance, he/she shall be provided  a regular reimbursable meal that follows the USDA meal pattern, the cost of which shall continue to accrue to his/her significant negative balance. Parents will be initially notified by email or letter of a negative balance in their student's account upon occurrence. Negative balances are expected to be corrected upon the notificaton by school authorities. Te Cafeteria Managers will be responsible for making this initial notification to parents. If an account balance remains negative and the balance owed becomes in excess of $25, the Cafeteria Manager will not only continue contacting the parent via email or letter, but begin contacting the parent by phone.


If the negative balance is not brought to a positive within 10 days of these efforts, the Corporation will take action to collect  the unpaid debt by means of collection agencies. Debits will remain uncolletibel after all of the above efforts have been made shall be classified as bad debt and may be removed from accounts receivable in accordance to Board Policy 6151. If a student withdraws or graduates from the Corporation and has a positive balance of less the $10, the balance may be receipted into the school lunch fund where the school lunch program funds are maintained unless the parent requests a refund. If a student withdraws or graduates with a positive balance greater than $10, the parents shall be notified by mail and given the option of receiving a refund within forty-five days. If no response is received within forty-five days, the account will be closed and the funds will no longer be available. Unclaimed balances will be transfered to the school lunch fund where the school lunch program funds are maintained.


Symbol for Cole Professional Academy. The symbol is a black solid circle. Inside the circle is a Capital C that has the bottom fourth green. The remaining portion of the C is white with black strips.  Underneath in black is the word COLE in capital and bold face. Underneath this is a line and written underneath in a small font are the words Professional Academy

Cole Professional Academy Dates 2018-2019


August 24: What is a Mentor?

September 7: What is Professionalism? Dress for Success

October 12: Manners in Dining

November 16: Independence: Demonstration Kitchen

December 7: Actions in Public: Museum, Concert, Funeral 

                            Etiquette and Sportsmanship

January 18: Career Part I: Job Applications and Email/Phone


February 1: Career Part II: Interviews; Interview Fair

March 8: Internet Presence & Plagiarism

April 2: Evening of Celebration at Duncan Hall


Quick Hits

1. What is your plan for your child if she/he arrives home and there is no one home? Early dismissal?

2. Have you added August 15 Conversations with Teachers Open House to your calendar?

3. Do you know your child's teacher's email address?

4. Is there lunch money in your child's account?

5. Have you signed up for TSC Alerts? (See Below)


Big Events - Plan For Them Now


2018-2019 School Year 

Aug. 2: Walk-in and New Family Registration 12-7

Aug. 3: Walk-in and New Family Registration 8-1

Aug. 9: School Safety Forum: McCutheon HS 7-8 pm

Aug. 14: First Day of School: Students bring supplies

Aug. 14: Kindergarten Parent Meeting 9:00-10:30

Aug. 15: Classroom Group Photos taken

Aug. 15: Open House/Conversation with Parents

               Session 1: 6:00-6:40

               Session 2: 6:45-7:25

Aug. 20: Fire, Tornado, Lock Down Drill Practiced

Aug. 24: Cookie Dough and Trash Bag PTO Fundraiser

Aug. 31: Spirit Wear Orders Due

Sept. 4: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00) *All new K parents attend

Sept. 7: Student Council Election Forms Due (Grades 4-5)

Sept. 7: Cookie Dough and Trash Bag Fundraisers due

Sept. 14: Student Council Reps announced

Sept. 17: Children's Author: Bruce Hall visits

Oct. 5: K/1 Harvest Hoe-Down

Oct. 5: Movie Night and Cookie Dough Pick-up (6-8 pm)

Oct. 10: Picture Day

Oct. 13: Exploration Acres Event: 1-4 *Rain Date 10/14

Oct. 15-19 Fall Parent Conferences-Evenings: 10/16 & 10/18

Oct. 19: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Nov. 6: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Nov. 9: Veterans/Grandparents Day

             1:00 K-2 Show  2:00 3-5 Show

Nov. 14: Picture Retakes and Yearbook Photos

Nov. 15: 4th and 5th Grade Human Growth & Development

               Movie and Discussion

Nov. 16: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Dec. 7: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Dec. 21: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Feb. 4-8: Spring Parent Conferences: Evenings: 2/5 & 2/7

Feb. 5: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Feb. 15: K/1 Fairy Tale Ball 1-3

March 13-14: Spring Book Fair

March 13-14: Breakfast with a Buddy

March 14: Grade 2 and 3 Music Program (6:00 pm) 

April 2: Cole Professional Academy Celebration 6:00

              Thomas Duncan Hall; Lafayette, IN

April 3: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

April 10: Kindergarten Roundup (Age 5 by 8/1/19)

April 5: Spring Picture Day

April 15: Kindergarten Assessment Day

April 27: Inaugural Cole Cub 5K (possibly with Wainwright)

May 9 & 10: Camp Tecumseh Overnight: Grade 4

May 10: First Grade Mother's Day Tea 1:30

May 13: First Grade Field Trip to Indianapolis Zoo

May 15: Grade 3 Wax Museum Parent Show: 10:00, 2:00

May 16: Grade 5 to Chicago

May 17: Kindergarten Celebration 10:00

May 20: Fifth Grade Celebration 9:00-11:30

May 21: Field Day *Tentative Schedule*

May 22: Awards Programs: Grades 1-2 (9:30), 3-4 (10:15)

May 23: Talent Show *Tentative Schedule*

May 23: Last Day of School *Subject to Change 

A line of different colored rectangles in the shape of a building (representing books) is across the top. Underneath the words Tippecanoe Count in small letters. Underneath it PUBLIC LIBRARY in capital bold letters.

Book Mobile

The Book Mobile runs twice a week to Stockwell and Clarks Hill.  Teach visit the Book Mobile stops at 9510 Pearl Street in Clarks Hill (The Church) from 6:30-7:00 and 6931 Church Street in Stockwell (The Church) from 7:15-7:45



August 20  September 3, 17   October 1, 15, 29

November 12, 26     December 10

Drawn image of nine arms extended skyward at different heights in colors ranging from pruple, red, orange, yellow, green in different shades. At the bottom of the graphic is the word Volunteer written in white block letters.

Volunteer Information

As per Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy 8120 – Volunteers, each volunteer who is in direct contact with students will be required to submit a Limited Criminal History Record Check in order to volunteer within the school. Any chaperone who wishes to attend a field trip must also have a completed and approved Limited Criminal History Record Check as well. These forms are available on the TSC website and have been sent home already. Please contact Kelly Kesterson in the Cole Office if you have any questions.

Image of  TSC E-Flyers. Square Black Box. Inside in light color is the official TSC logo. Offset to the right at an angle is a flyer in green with an image of a man in a white shirt and gray tie. Underneath in cursive letters is the word Community Organizations.


TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.

TSC Official Logo: State of Indiana with 1962 written across bottom third. TSC across the mid section of Indiana from left to right in large Blue letters. A STAR indicating location of Tippecanoe County. Tippecanoe School Corporation written in circular fashion around the inner portion of the circle that houses the majority of the state of Indiana and completes the logo.

Register for TSC Alerts and Notifications
With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.



 Your Children Are Watching

Your children are watching. They really are. They are watching you all day long - how you talk, how you interact with others, how you lend a hand to others, and how you start something and how you finish it. They are watching the choices you make with your time. They are watching to see if you will encourage them to be their best. They are watching how you support them to get back up when they stumble and when they occasionally fail.

Your children are watching. They watch how you look at them with kindness and excitement when they return from being away for the day. They are watching how much time is spent on your phone instead of talking or playing with them. They are watching how you focus them on their own problem-solving skills, not solving all their problems for them. They are watching how you allow them to play, instead of structuring every minute of their day.

Your children are watching. They are watching for words like "please" and "thank you" both spoken and demanded by you in their everyday speech. They are watching how you react on the sidelines and on the bleachers at their athletic events. They are watching your behavior on social media if they have their own accounts. They are watching for guidance and rules even if they act like they don't want them.

Your children are watching. As they watch, they learn and follow your lead. As a new school year approaches, know that you set the pace with your actions and approach. Because believe me, your children are watching.

August - 2018
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
September - 2018
6:00 PM


6418 E. 900 S. • Lafayette, IN 47909 • (765) 523-2141


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