From the Desk of Mrs. Fields

Welcome back!  

Our school-wide theme this year is "Explore the Possibilities", and the start to our school year has been "out of this world"!  Please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher with any questions or concerns. The sooner these issues are addressed, the better!   We are looking forward to working with you to help your child reach their academic and social goals. The sky is the limit!

New Staff

Since the last publication of Hershey Notes, we have had a few changes in staffing.  Below is the complete roster of staff members new to Hershey this year:

First Grade:  Miss Terry

Fourth Grade:  Mrs. Bibler

Fifth Grade:  Miss Dooley

Art:  Mrs. Barnes

Recess:  Mrs. Hayworth and Mrs. Sharp

Lunch Aide/Interventionist:  Mrs. Wing


Teacher Information Nights are Coming!

This year our teacher information sessions will be held separately from our  back to school "Open House". These meetings are very important as you will learn about your child's curriculum and classroom procedures. Please plan to attend when appropriate:


Tuesday, August 21:         Kindergarten from 6:00-6:30

                                           First Grade from 6:30-7:00


Wednesday, August 22:   Second and 2/3 High Ability from  6:00-6:30

                                          Third Grade from  6:30-7:00


Thursday, August  23:      Fourth and ⅘ High Ability from 6:00-6:30

                                          Fifth from  6:30-7:00


We look forward to seeing you.

Miss Riordan's Notes



Welcome back Hershey Panthers and a big welcome to new and incoming families! As most of you I am sure can relate, the summer flew by WAY too fast. I hope it was fun and somewhat relaxing for all despite it flying by! For those who do not know me or are new to the school, my name is Maddie Riordan and I am the Student Services Coordinator. This is my first Fall semester, as I started with TSC January 2018. I dedicated the Spring semester getting to know the needs of the teachers, students and overall, the school as a whole. Moving forward, I will be spending most of the time in classrooms working with students on building skills, such as, test taking strategies, social skills, self-regulation strategies, and teaching them about their brains!


Additionally, per state mandates, I will be doing Sexual Abuse Prevention/Personal Safety and Bully Prevention group work. Teaching students about these sensitive, but serious topics, serve as a means of giving students the tools and confidence to stand up for themselves. I will use the Hershey notes as a way to share information about what we are working on throughout the year. I can also be utilized as a connection to a variety of community resources, such as mental health services, after school programs, housing and food assistance, and support groups, just to name a few. I can be reached via email at or at Hershey at (765) 269-8282.


Starting the week of August 20th, I will be working with Student Resource Officers Aaron Gilman and Rob Rush on the 10-week radKIDS program with the 5th grade classes. radKIDS is a Personal Empowerment and Safety Education program that uses a hands-on curriculum to empower kids and teach them about personal safety. If you have a student participating in it this semester, please keep an eye out for the Family Manual to follow along and reinforce at home, what they are learning throughout the 10 weeks.


Looking to get your child involved in extracurricular activities? Check out the After School Arts Program (ASAP) at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation. There are so many unique classes for many age groups!  


Car Rider Information


Remember to place the car rider name tag that you received at Open House in the front windshield of your car.  Please use a Sharpie when writing so that we can easily read the names from the curb. We also ask that your child exit and enter from the curb side of your car.  If your child needs assistance unbuckling/buckling a seatbelt, please move all the way forward and out of the car rider line car before helping.  Do not get out of your car!  This is imperative for your safety as cars will be pulling out of line to exit once their child is loaded.  Following these procedures will help the car rider line move safely and quickly. Thank you so much for your help!


From the Hershey Office


Mrs. Jackie Spitznagle and Mrs. Jennifer Leahy welcome you for the 2018-2019 school year.  We look forward to seeing and hearing from parents/guardians.  

So that we may all work together, please note the following:

  • Our attendance line is 269-8342.  Please leave a message if your child will be absent or tardy.  
  • You are welcome to inform your child's teacher of an absence, tardy or dismissal per the teacher's communication policy.  However, you MUST also inform our office as indicated above.
  • Pre-planned dismissal changes should be communicated in writing. The teacher will deliver the notes to our office for recording. Dismissal changes that occur during the day need to be called in to our office.



We Want YOU!


There are many opportunities to get involved at Hershey!  The media center is always looking for volunteers to reshelve books.  Let your child's teacher know if you have an hour or two to spare each week. We love to have parents listen to students read or help with math fact memorization.  Making copies and assisting with bulletin boards is also appreciated. The office staff also has need of volunteers from time to time. Let Mrs. Leahy know it you are interested in helping in this capacity.  If you have the time, we will fill it!


Lunch and Recess


After reading a plethora of research on healthy habits for kids,  we have decided to have recess first, then play second. Hopefully, our children will eat more of their lunch and have sustained energy throughout the day by doing this. We will keep you posted and let you know how it is going!

We would love to have you eat lunch with us in the cafeteria-but please wait a few weeks!  It can be very difficult for your child to separate from you when leaving home and then again after a lunch visit.  After your child is in a routine, this will be much easier for everyone involved! Remember- we are promoting healthy food choices, so we ask that no fast food be brought into the cafeteria.  Thank you in advance for following this corporation policy.


Hershey Earns the Bronze!


Last spring, Hershey Elementary was one of three schools in Indiana to earn the Bronze medal from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.  This prestigious award recognizes school across the nation that are taking steps to promote a healthier lifestyle. We would love for this to be a Hershey family initiative; so let us know if  you have any ideas that would promote healthy eating and movement! If you would like to showcase something that you and your family are doing that exemplifies this, please share it by tweeting a picture on #TSCINtegrate!




TSC supports "green" efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-flyers.


All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School website, 

by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage.  

E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information.


If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-flyers section to submit the information.




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