Mayflower Mill


September 2018


We are so proud of how well our students are adjusting to being back at school. We have a few new procedures at the mill this year and all of our students have quickly picked up on them. September is a fun month with school pictures, our author visit and several clubs starting. Don't forget to check the upcoming events section to remember these important days! As always, please remember that students are expected to walk to class on their own. We try to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. If you need to meet with a teacher please email them to set up a time. You may contact the office if you have any questions.

blue and green camera with the word Cheese written in purple letters


School picture day is Monday, September 17th. We begin taking pictures first thing in the morning so please make sure your child arrives to school on time. If you plan to order school pictures using the order form we send home please have everything filled out before the morning of pictures. Your child must have this order form in hand in order to receive the background you choose. You may also order online before picture day.  The office does not have the ability to make change for pictures. 




Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 11th and Friday, October 12th. Please note these dates changed from the August newsletters! We will begin at 8am and will be finishing up before students arrive on the bus. Please do not send your child on the bus if you plan to attend. Dads, grandfathers, uncles or any other special male person are encouraged to join your student for breakfast at MME before school. More information will be sent home soon. Please be sure to return the RSVP form so we can have an accurate head count. 


VOLUNTEER PROCEDURES CHANGING - Effective September 30, 2018 -- DON'T WAIT!

It is a priority of the Tippecanoe School Corporation to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students and employees. In an effort to continue our due diligence, we now require all volunteers having ongoing contact with children and/or supervising students (field trips, etc.) to have cleared an expanded criminal background check. These background checks are conducted through Background Investigation Bureau (BIB).  The criminal background check will search national sex offender databases, court records,and other sources. The cost of the criminal history check is $17.95 (base cost) and is paid for by the volunteer through a link on our website. Once approved, the volunteer will receive a TSC Volunteer identification card that will be valid for a period of three (3) years. If you volunteer in multiple buildings, you will only need to complete one background check. Volunteer background checks may take several business days to process so it is important to plan ahead.  We appreciate your understanding of this important safety guideline.  



K $88.77    1st Gr. $95.96     2nd Gr. $95.35      3rd Gr. $82.82      4th Gr. $84.40      5th Gr. $85.41


Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more. Parents/guardians must have an active PowerSchool Parent Portal account with an accurate email address in order to sign in to the website. To sign in for the first time, parents/guardians will click the "Forgot Username or Password" option on the website login page, then enter the email address that is associated with their PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Parents/guardians will then be able to reset the password for their website account, then add a cell phone number and register for SMS (text) alerts. TSC students and staff will sign in to the website with their TSC username and password. Step by step directions can be found on the TSC website. Please contact the TSC Technology Department with any questions regarding this process by email or by phone at 765-269-8060.

logo for the Public Schools Foundation Cupcake Run/Walk


The Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County is holding a Cupcake Run/Walk for Public Education on September 23rd. This will be a chip-timed 5K and 10K on a beautiful course. There will also be a short, untimed kids run of about 80 yards. Each participant will receive a t-shirt, participant medal and cupcake from Gigi's! This race benefits the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County. Runners/walkers of all types are welcome. Sign up here


Please do not send your child to school if they have had a temperature over 100, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours. If a student is sent home from school for fever, vomiting or diarrhea they will be out the following day as well. Students CANNOT bring medicine to school.  All medicines & inhalers have to be brought to school BY THE PARENT. Cough drops CANNOT be sent to school either, we have cough drops in the health room students can take when needed.


Please don't forget to call or email the school in the event your child is absent. You can call the office at 765-538-3875 anytime. You can leave a message if no one is available to take your call. If you prefer to email, you may do that also. Please email both Cheryl and Danielle at and Thank you!


If your student arrives to school after 9am, they are tardy. You must come into the office and sign him/her in. Once your student has been signed in Tardy, a pass will print for your child to take to their teacher. To avoid further classroom interruption, your student is expected to walk to class on their own. If they need assistance walking to class we will gladly help them. Not signing your student in could result in them accidentally being counted absent for the entire day. If possible, please contact the office to inform us your child will be Tardy and give us their lunch preference. Students are considered Tardy until 10:30am. Arriving after 10:30am will result in a half day AM absence. 



If you need to pick up your child for an appointment during the school day, please send a note with your child or call the office. You must come into the building to sign your student out in the office. Please note that after 3pm, the office will not interrupt your child's class.  Student's signed out prior to 2pm will be given a half day PM absence. If you sign your child out after 2pm, it will result in a PM Tardy. This is the only code we have in our system to show that a student left early that does not count as a half day absence. 

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Each month you will see a section titled UPCOMING EVENTS. Please be sure to look this over monthly. I will add in more events as we schedule them. All scheduled breaks for the school year are listed. You will notice that we do not have anything noted for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. TSC Schools will be in session on MLK Day. Please plan for your child to be at school. You will also see when state mandated testing windows open and close for grades 3-5. Making note of these dates now can help you avoid scheduling trips or appointments during these times. 

Annual MHS Choral Booster Chicken Dinner Fundraiser (Orders AND Payment due by Sept.25th)

When : Oct.5th from 4:00-7:00 Where : McCutcheon High School Athletic Entrance What : Nelson's Port-a-Pit Chicken

Full Meal ($10.00 for 1/2 chicken, Green beans, apple sauce, cookie, and soft drink or water) Chicken only ($15.00 for whole chicken (2 halves) ($9.00 for 1/2 chicken w/ additional purchase) Pit-Tatoes ($4.00 per serving) Procedure

1. Call Mayflower to receive a paper order for 2. Checks/Cash...... Checks to MHS Choral Boosters

(Must include Drivers license number and date of birth) Give order and payment by mail, bring it to the MHS Office or Order Online

3. PICK UP YOUR ORDER! On Friday, Oct. 5th (4:00-7PM) come to McCutcheon High School

(Athletic Entrance) and either take home your chicken dinner or eat your dinner with us at the school before the game. (NOTE: Any chicken that is NOT picked up by 7:00pm can be resold and no refunds will be given) 4. Questions? contact: Tonya Wilson (765) 414-5288 or email (


September 3rd

Labor Day- NO SCHOOL

September 4th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

September 11th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

September 12th

PAC meeting 3:30-4:30

Girl Scout Recruitment Night 6-8pm

Dance Club 3:30-4:30

September 13th

3rd Grade Field Trip to the Celery Bog

September 17th

School Picture Day

September 18th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

September 21st

Author Bruce Hale visits MME

September 24th

Vision Screenings- 1st, 3rd & 5th grades

September 25th 

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

September 26th

Dance Club 3:30-4:40

September 27th

First Grade Field Trip to Fair Oaks

October 2nd

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

October 4th

Kindergarten Field Trip to Dull's Tree Farm

October 9th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

October 10th

PAC meeting 3:30-4:30

Dance Club 3:30-4:40

October 11th

Donuts with Dudes 8:00-8:45am

October 12th

End of 1st 9 weeks 

Donuts with Dudes 8:00-8:45am

October 16th

Parent Teacher Conference 8-8:45am; 4-7pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

October 17th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am

October 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am; 4-7pm

October 19th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am

October 23rd

Chess 3:30-4:30

Cookie Dough Pickup time TBA

October 24th

Dance Club 3:30-4:30

October 25th

Distinguished Breakfast (invite only) 8-8:45am

October 26th-29th

Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

October 30th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

November 6th

5th Grade field trip to Camp T

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

November 7th

5th Grade field trip to Camp T

November 9th

Veteran's Day Hospitality Room 9am

Veteran's Day Celebration 10-11am

November 13th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

November 14th

PAC Meeting 3:30-4:40

Dance Club 3:30-4:30

November 20th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

November 21st-23rd

NO SCHOOL- Thanksgiving Break

November 27th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

November 28th

Dance Club 3:30-4:30pm

December 4th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

December 12th

Dance Club 3:30-4:30pm

December 21st

End of 2nd 9 weeks

End of 1st Semester

December 24th-January 7th

Winter Break- NO SCHOOL

January 8th

Students return to school

January 9th

PAC Meeting 3:30-4:30pm

January 11th

Distinguished Breakfast 8-8:45am (invite only)

January 29th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

February 5th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

February 12th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30

February 13th

PAC meeting 3:30-4:30pm

February 18th

President's Day- Snow makeup day for any days missed through 2/1/19. If no days are missed school will not be in session. 

March 5th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

March 8th

End of 3rd 9 weeks

March 11th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am

March 12th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am; 4-7pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

March 13th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am

March 14th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am; 4-7pm

March 15th

Parent Teacher Conferences 8-8:45am

March 18th

IREAD 3 begins for 3rd grade

March 19th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

March 22nd

Distinguished Breakfast 8-8:45am (invite only)

IREAD 3 ends for 3rd grade

March 25th-29th

Spring Break- NO SCHOOL

April 2nd

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

April 9th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

April 10th

Kindergarten Roundup 6-7pm

PAC meeting 3:30-4:30pm

April 12th

Spring Picture Day

April 16th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

April 22nd

ILEARN Begins Grades 3-5

April 23rd

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

April 30th

Chess Club 3:30-4:40pm

May 3rd

1st Grade Grandparents Day 9:30am

May 7th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

May 8th

PAC Meeting 3:30-4:30pm

May 9th

Mary Lou's with Mom's 8-8:45am

May 10th

Mary Lou's with Mom's 8-8:45am

May 17th

ILEARN ends for grades 3-5

May 20th

Kindergarten Graduation 9:30am (Kindergartners are expected to stay the remainder of the school day and school year)

May 21st

Field Day 12:30pm

May 22nd

Talent Show 9:30-11am

May 23rd

Distinguished Breakfast 8-8:45am (invite only)

Kindy 500-10-11am

Awards Ceremony 2-3pm

5th Grade Walk 3:12pm






200 E 500 S • Lafayette, IN 47909 • (765) 538-3875 

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