August 31, 2018


Can you believe that we have 3 weeks in the books already?  This means that we are one third of the way through our first quarter!  It is not too soon to contact your teacher if you feel your child is struggling academically, socially, or emotionally.  While Parent/Teacher Conferences will be the week of October 15, that is far too long to wait if you have a concern. The sooner an issue is addressed, the sooner we can work together toward a solution!  


Water Issue We were experiencing times of very low water pressure at the onset of this year.  In order to correct the problem, we needed to turn off our water Tuesday afternoon at 3:15 in order to bring the pump up for a valve repair.  Whenever a water pump is disturbed for any reason, the water must pass two water tests before it can be used for drinking. I am happy to say that we passed our second test at 2:00 Wednesday afternoon!  A special shout out to TSC for providing us with two pallets of bottled water so that we were never without something to drink!

Thank you to all that were able to attend the PTO Welcome Back Dessert Reception!  It was exciting to have such a large crowd and a fun way to get to know our Hershey family better.  Congratulations to the lucky recipients of the various gift cards and Movie Night passes! We look forward to seeing you at our next PTO event on October 2 at 3:45.   
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!   I hope that you will be able to unplug, unwind and have a PAWsome time with family and friends.


Effective Sept. 30, 2018 All TSC Volunteers will need to have a clear background check.  Click below for details.


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If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact our office.



  I am still continuing to go to each classroom and working with the student's on personal safety and sexual abuse prevention. We talk about how we practice being safe at school by doing fire, tornado and storm drills as well as daily procedures like walking in the hallway, keeping our hands to ourselves, and listening to the adults. Since student safety is our #1 priority, keeping our bodies safe is just as important! Through the book, Sam's Secret, we talk about good and bad touches and how to keep our bodies safe. The big take home points the teachers and I reinforce during the reading are: they are in charge of their bodies and they are the most important person in the school! Next up, bully prevention! Keep an eye out for discussion tips to take home and discuss with your child(ren) in the next newsletter! Feel free to contact me at (765) 269-8282 or if you have any additional questions, comments or concerns about the material.

  If you have a student in 2nd-5th grade, they are being given the option to participate in Leadership Club for the remainder of the school year! Similar to Ambassador's Club, Leadership Club will be held the second Tuesday of every month from 3:30-4:30pm at Hershey. Each 2nd-5th grade teacher has the applications and is optional for students to participate. If your student would like to participate, he/she is responsible for asking for the application, filling it out and bringing it home for parent/guardian signature. Additional information is on the application! Applications are due September 7th!  

  Coming soon, I will be starting an after-school group every Wednesday from 3:30-4:30pm. As stated in previous newsletters, I believe it is very important for students to learn about their brains since they're feeding it with different types of information ALL the time at school! Through activities like yoga, memory games, 5 senses games and team building activities, I hope to help students learn about their unique, awesome brains! Details of the group will be sent home with students as well as posted on social media!

  Each month, Food Finders Food Bank offers classes that encompass cooking, general wellness, financial literacy, and job, education and career prep classes. These classes are FREE and anyone can sign up. Click on this link  to check out and sign up for the classes!


TSC INtegrate

Healthy Living Tips

This edition's article is "Back to School, Back to School Lunches".  I remember the days of trying to be creative when packing my daughter's lunch- hopefully, this article will give you a few new ideas.  Remember to #TSCINtegrate when your family is doing an activity that showcases a healthy lifestyle. Hiking? Biking? Taking the dog for a family walk?  Don't be shy- share it with us! You just might motivate another family to get up and get moving, too!


 Families can receive instant messages via email and/or text from the Tippecanoe School Corporation about weather delays and cancellations through our website. 

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Our first meeting - Meet and Greet Dessert Reception - was a success.  Many fun and exciting events are planned for this year.  Watch the Hershey Facebook page.  

September events include: 

September 10; Dine Out Night - Azzip Pizza;11am-10p

September 21; Back to School Family Tailgate and Outdoor Movie, 6:30-10:30 pm


PLEA - We are searching for Treasurer.  Our past Treasurer is continuing her duties until a replacement is found.  She will work with you to assure a smooth transistion.


If you want to learn more about PTO, the treasurer's positions and any of events, email


Join us at the next meeting - Tuesday, Oct. 2 at 3:45 pm in the Hershey Media Center






Monday, Sept. 10
Dine Out Night

Azzip Pizza  11am-10pm


Friday, Sept. 14
Picture Day

 Friday, Sept. 21

PTO Family Tailgate & Movie

6:30-10:30 pm

Rain or Shine

Attendance Line




Please leave a message on our automated line if your child will be absent or tardy.




In an effort to ensure that parents and students receive information about community services or events TSC now utilizes electronic flyers (E-flyers)

Flyers can be accessed from the TSC website parent link.




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