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September 21, 2018

Timberwolf Tales

Upcoming Events



Restaurant Night - Arni's on 350 - 5-9



Spirit wear orders due

Candle Sales due 



Mary Cutler to visit 1st Grade



4th Grade Field Trip - Feast of the Hunters Moon



PTO Meeting at 5:30pm



Picture retakes



2nd Grade Field Trip - Fire Safety Show











Family Fun Night 6-8



End of 1st 9 weeks


OCTOBER 15 - 19

Parent Teacher Conferences



Fanny May Candy Sales Begin



1st Grade Field Trip - Exploration Acres


OCTOBER 26 - 29

No School - Fall Break



Kindergarten Field Trip - Battleground Nature Center and Wea Orchard



From the Office

Mrs. Garza and Mrs. Blann welcome you to Wea Ridge Elementary and to another great year!  We look forward to meeting and seeing parents/guardians.  Just a few reminders to help make things run smoothly:

  • Our phone number is 765-471-9321 to report absences or tardies.  If we cannot answer the call, please leave a message.  You may also email us at AND  If we do not hear from you about an absence, we will be contacting you. 
  • You are welcome to inform your teacher of an absence, tardy or dismissal change per the teacher's communication policy.  However, you MUST also inform the office as indicated above.
  • Any dismissal changed should be communicated as soon as possible via written note, email (remember to email both secretaries) or phone call, again making sure the office has this information.   Please note that after 3pm we will not interrupt your child's class.  Therefore, we cannot accept end of day changes after 3pm. 
  • If your child is riding home with another student, we must receive written notes from BOTH sets of parents/guardians, or the end of day change will not take place.  We cannot make calls to verify the change.  
Parent Teacher Organization with Apple


PTO News


NEXT MEETING - Monday, October 8th, 5:30pm, cafeteria. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!  Please enter through door #16 (at the back of the building by the Gym). 


SPIRIT WEAR- Orders due Friday, September 28.  Order form at the bottom of the Tales. 


RESTAURANT NIGHT-  Arni's on Veterans Memorial on Wednesday, September 26th, 5-9.  


BOX TOPS - We collect box tops in the office all year.  They are counted and submitted regularly to earn money for our school. 


POP TABS - We collect and save these to give to the Ronald McDonald House in Indy for Riley's Children's Hospital.


The Wea Ridge PTO will be planning several events this year. They will need your help to make them successful!  Please fill out the PTO volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering

Volunteer with hands

Volunteer Procedures Have Changed


It is a priority of the Tippecanoe School Corporation to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students and employees. In an effort to continue our due diligence, we now require all volunteers having ongoing contact with children and/or supervising students (field trips, etc.) to have cleared an expanded criminal background check. These background checks are conducted through Background Investigation Bureau (BIB).  

The criminal background check will search national sex offender databases, court records,and other sources. The cost of the criminal history check is $17.95 (base cost) and is paid for by the volunteer through a link on our website.

Once approved, the volunteer will receive a TSC Volunteer identification card that will be valid for a period of three (3) years. If you volunteer in multiple buildings, you will only need to complete one background check.

Volunteer background checks may take several business days to process so it is important to plan ahead.  

We appreciate your understanding of this important safety guideline.  


Tips for Parents: Confidence

Here's what you can do to help your child build confidence:

Look for things your child is doing well and praise them regularly.  Try to "catch" them following the rules, doing their homework, cleaning their room or helping a sibling.

Show your child you believe in their ability.  Pay attention to the comments you make to your child.  Comments such as, "I'm not surprised, you always do badly" or regularly telling your child that they are bad, naughty, messy, sloppy, dumb or slow goes a long way in defining how they feel about themselves.  Call your child only positive names, and point out behaviors that are a problem rather than making the child believe they are the problem.  Tell them "I knew you would do well!"  or, "That's great, I can tell you've been working hard and now we can see the results."

Always begin with a positive.  If your child shows you a completed homework assignment or test score, begin with a praise first.  If you believe the child could have done better, say so, but only after you've started with a positive.  For example: "I see that you took time to write neatly, that's great!"  Then pause for a second to give them time to absorb your comment.   Then continue, "I've seen you do better work on previous math assignments.  Did you have trouble with this one?"  Listen to their reasons and try to help them troubleshoot the issue.

Children know when you give them false praise, so don't pretend poor work is good or flatter your child.  All children do some things right.  Take the time to notice this and give them real praise.

Some children have difficulty absorbing positive comments.  When you notice your child doing something well, say so.  Then watch them carefully.  Do they smile and say "thanks"?  Or do they try to deflect the comment by saying something negative such as "My friend does much better" or "It was just a dumb assignment..."  If accepting a positive comment is difficult, it may be an indicator that the child has low self esteem.  Make an appointment with your child's school counselor for some tips to help them improve how they feel about themself.  Also take a look at your own behavior.  Do you accept praise well?

Some children get frustrated when they make mistakes, even if, overall, they do very well.  This fear of making a mistake can make a child avoid trying something they're not confident they'll do perfectly.  If this is the case with your child, regularly take the opportunity to help them understand that learning is a process, and making mistakes is very important.  Tell them that mistakes are normal and OK.  It can be useful to demonstrate this in your own life as an example to your child.  When you make a mistake, say so outloud in front of your child.  Then let them hear you using some positive self talk, such as "Oh no, I made an error in my checkbook, and now my balance is wrong.  Well, that's OK, everyone makes mistakes.  I think next time I'll save my receipts so I don't forget to write down a purchase."  Show them how mistakes are a learning opportunity.

Nurse Notes

A few quick Health Office Reminders: Please remind your children to wash their hands with soap and water or at the least use the hand sanitizer in their classrooms to help prevent the spread of germs. This will help reduce absences. 

Talk to your children about NOT sharing hair ties, headbands, hats, sweatshirts, headphones etc.  This will help eliminate the possibility of lice.  Known fact, lice can NOT jump.  It is transmitted only by direct contact, head to head; yes this means hugging friends. 

Remember, that ALL controlled medication must be brought into the Health Office by a parent in the original bottle and we must have a current order on file prior to administering the medication.

Students are not allowed to keep cough drops on them as this is considered a medication.  If your student uses cough drops, send them into the Health Office labeled with their name.  We also keep cough drops in the Health Office provided by TSC.  Lastly, keep all PowerSchool contact information current in case there is ever a need for the school to contact you due to an injury or an illness.

Kim Buckley, RN


 Wea Ridge Run Club Wolf Pack News: 


The WRRC is off & running literally! After our first two days, our enrollment is up to over 60 4th & 5th grade runners with a high of 64 runners running on Thursday alone. By the way, this is a WRRC all-time record. Runners walked or ran from 1-4 miles on Thursday. Please remember to send your runner to school fully prepared to run. The kids have been ready at the end of the day, but I know the office was bombarded with lots of drop off stuff at the end of the day Thursday. With such a large number, (btw, hoping to go over 100), the office just cannot handle the volume. We also have had to issue one safety warning. An accident of any kind would truly ruin all of our days. Stress also the importance of your runner's school responsibilities. We want everyone there, but school comes first. A huge thank you to Mrs. Sara Wright & Mrs. Danielle Shively for their assistance. I could not do the WRRC nearly as well without you two! Thanks also to our WRE staff & teachers for your support. Please let me know if I can make your lives with the Wolf Pack easier. Great job by parents being on time to pick up your child. Shirt & Wolf Pack gear is in progress & will be coming out SOON! We are also looking for donations of $, decent used running shoes, & water bottles. We will be searching for business support as well. It's going to be a great year "TOGETHER"!  




1333 East 430 South • Lafayette, IN 47909 • (765) 471-9321

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