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October 19, 2018


Picture of the Cole Student Body at the Awards Assembly in the gym.

Message from the Principal

Mike Pinto


Each nine weeks the Cole Staff comes together in the gymnasium to celebrate student achievement. There are PAWS Tickets drawn for good behavior, a game that is played between students whose PAWS Tickets are drawn, and then each classroom teacher steps forward and recognizes students. The expectation is that each child will receive recognition at some point during the year for either academic or Life Skill achievement.  The fun part about the awards program for many is watching the students who were once little grow into young adults with success. It's nice for former teachers and staff members to see students excel. It's also a nice way for all of us to celebrate the EFFORT needed to be a success in school. An important part of this program is the focus on a proper handshake and the etiquette that accompanies receiving an award. There is a proper way to shake a hand, and at Cole, we practice it year after year after year ... because it matters.  Ask your child if she/he received an award at this nine weeks's program.  It's a fun and simple way to recognize student achievement and for us as a school to come together with the same focus: student academic and social-emotional achievement. 

Graphic showing a Light Green lettering stating "Growing Up"

Human Growth and Development


Students in grades 4 and 5 will be watching the Human Growth and Development Video on December 14. Parents are welcome to preview the video if they choose. Please contact Nurse Hudgins to arrange a time for the preview and to have any questions answered that you may have.


Image of Red Ribbon with the wording "Red Ribbon Week"

Red Ribbon Week


The Cole Student Council will be sponsoring different spirit days during the week of October 22-25 for Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is the annual week of focus promoting "Saying No To Drugs".  Spirit Week Dates include:


October 22: Pajama Day

October 23: Hat Day

October 24: Ribbons and Mustache Day (Given at school)

October 25: Wear Red


Image of the Letters P, T, and O in black looking like two eyes and a nose with a red line moving from left to right like a happy face - PTO

Cole PTO News

The next PTO meeting will be held on November 6 at 6:00 in the Kelley Library. Please plan to attend.


Please also pass along to your loved ones that the Cole Grandparents/Veterans Day program will be held on November 9 with the K-2 performing at 1:00 and grades 3-5 performing at 2:00. Please spread the word. 


Image of books stacked as on a shelf with the words "Scholastic Book Fair" written across the front

Book Fair

The Book Fair will be open at Cole Elementary November 7 and 8 with the book fair being open during Grandparents Day on Friday, November 9 in the afternoon.  Please look for flyers to be send home with your child and mark your calendar for shopping on November 7 and 8.  We thank Mrs. Rosebraugh for her efforts with the book fair with proceeds going directly back to classroom teacher book needs.


Image of black headphones used in a computer or other electronic device.

It is the strangest thing, but students are all given a set of headphones or ear buds to start each school year. It's part of the annual curricular supplies that follow your child and the fees you pay at registration. The strange thing is that we are having more and more of these headphones come up damaged. The culprit? Teeth. Students are chewing on the wires as they work which eventually causes them not to function as they should. We are asking parents to replace these headphones for your individual children when they are broken. Please speak with your child and see if he/she needs a new set of headphones. You don't need anything fancy, but the cost of these replacements continue to mount and if we work together - home and school - on our approach with these pieces, we can make these habits change and also ensure your child has devices to assist with school technology use.

Image of McCutcheon High School with a circle with yellow letter. Around the top, the word "McCutcheon" on the bottom curved are the words, "High School". In the middle is a red bull snorting from its nose with the word "Mavericks" written in yellow.

Wrestling Club


McCutcheon Wrestling Club will resume November 1st and will run through November 29th. Practices will be every Tuesday and Thursday. Grades K-5 will practice from 5:30-6:15 pm. Grades 6-12 will practice from 6:30-7:30 pm. Registration is on site and it will be $50.00. This fee will also include a pizza party and club t-shirt!!! Please Contact Coach Wallace with any questions
765 532-9307


Cartoon graphic of students posing for a school picture with the words "Picture Day! Say Cheese!" written across the top

School Pictures


November 14: Picture Retakes and Yearbook Pictures

April 5: Spring PIctures (Remember your favorite props)


TSC Official Logo: State of Indiana with 1962 written across bottom third. TSC across the mid section of Indiana from left to right in large Blue letters. A STAR indicating location of Tippecanoe County. Tippecanoe School Corporation written in circular fashion around the inner portion of the circle that houses the majority of the state of Indiana and completes the logo.

 No Asbestos at Cole


October 15, 2018
Dear TSC Patron:
In 1986 Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). That law requires
all schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, to be inspected for asbestos-containing building
The James Cole Elementary School building does not contain asbestos.
If you have questions, or concerns about AHERA regulations please direct your questions to the
Director of Buildings & Grounds at 765-474-2481.
Steven Tobias
Director of Buildings & Grounds

Graphic for the state assessment ILEARN of the state of Indiana in blue with the torch and stars in yellow across it. A big I from the word ILearn is on the Indiana as well. Underneath are the words: "Assessing Students Readiness"

 ILEARN Information

All Cole 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be taking a new assessment called the ILEARN this school year. This assessment replaces the ISTEP. The test will be given during one window in late April and early May and is the basis for our school's letter grade. Please read more about this test by clicking on the link below.  

Image of a red cross like the one used as the Symbol for the American Red Cross

Health Office News



Dear Cole Cub Family,

We are entering a time of increased viral illness. This is largely due to a greater amount of person to person contact from more time spent indoors and an increase in social gatherings for the season.  Please consider being vaccinated for the flu and remember that hand washing is your greatest weapon in preventing the spread of infection and illness. For your information, please review the TSC school exlusion criteria:  Students with vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed skin rashes, eye infections, or fever over 100° should not attend school. Students exhibiting these symptoms at school will be sent home.  With vomiting and diarrhea, the school nurse will evaluate any associated circumstances and other symptoms before making an exclusion decision. Children vomit for reasons other than illness, including coughing, stress, exertion, reflux and food intolerance.  Students with vomiting, diarrhea, or fever over 100º should not return to school until the symptoms have resolved without medication for 24 hours.  Students with pink eye may return to school with a doctor's note when the symptoms subside or when a student shows treatment has begun with appropriate eye drops. Contagious skin rashes should be reported to your school nurse and a note will be required by your child's physician to return to school. Please remember with all of these exclusion criteria that our job is to facilitate students remaining in school. Our goal is to have the child miss as little class time as possible. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions,


Katherine L. Hudgins RN

Tippecanoe School Corporation Nurse

James Cole Elementary: 765-772-1966
Wainwright Middle School: 765-269-8357
Woodland Elementary: 765-269-8225

Logo of the grocery store, Kroger.  Oval shape outlined in red with blue background inside. Word "Kroger" spelled in white lettering.

Kroger Rewards

Help us support Cole Elementary School by signing up for Kroger Rewards. Each time you scan your rewards card, Cole benefits.  Information below that may help you sign up:



The Kroger Co. Family of Stores is committed to bringing hope and help to the local neighborhoods we call home. Our stores are on a mission to not just part of, but to help create a stronger community. We recognize that every community has unique causes that need support. Thank you for being such an important organization in our community.

We have recently upgraded our system, and as a result your Non-Profit Organization (NPO) has a new account number. We recommend communicating this new number to your members, and updating any marketing materials with this change. Please reference the new number when contacting us for assistance. The previous number will continue to be associated with your organization, however, it will not be visible to your members when enrolling.

We encourage you to ask your supporters to link their rewards card to your organization. Community Rewards is easy to use, The more your supporters shop with us, the more money your organization will earn!

We are committed to carefully protecting our customer's personal information. In order to meet their expectation of privacy, we have adopted a simple policy to never share a customer's personal information. Our privacy policy applies to Community Rewards participation as well.

Thank you for being such an important organization in our community,

Community Rewards Staff

Graphic saying "Bricks 4 Kidz" written in Legos with little Lego men around the back.

Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz returns to Cole in November and December. This is a fee-based program offering students a chance to interact with Legos and have a lot of fun. All meetings will be held after school in the computer lab.  Please see the information linked below and register your child if you are interested. 


Official Logo of 4-H: A green 4 leaf clover with a white H on each clover.

4-H Open Enrollment


Enrollment for the 2018-2019 4-H Program Year is now open! Simply visit to re-enroll. Please see the link below for further instructions. If you have any questions, contact our office at 765-474-0793. We are looking forward to an amazing 2018-2019 4-H Program! 4-H Online Re-enrollment instructions for Youth and Volunteers. 

Square Graphic. Wording "Keeping Children Safe is everyone's responsibility" written in black left justified along the bottom two-thirds of the square. An umbrella with red, orange, green, and purple stripes is in the top right corner to fill the space.

A Message from Mrs. Burton,

School Counselor

During the month of November I will be meeting with every class to cover state required lessons on personal body safety with students. Students will understand that they are in charge of their own bodies and we will discuss exactly what to do if they feel unsafe. A document will be sent home with every student following the lesson. Families are encouraged to further the discussion of personal body safety with their children. If you have any questions about the material please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Burton

(765) 772-1988 

Symbol for Cole Professional Academy. The symbol is a black solid circle. Inside the circle is a Capital C that has the bottom fourth green. The remaining portion of the C is white with black strips.  Underneath in black is the word COLE in capital and bold face. Underneath this is a line and written underneath in a small font are the words Professional Academy

Cole Professional Academy Dates 2018-2019


We had a wonderful Cole Professional Academy in October focusing on table manners with Janice Garrett. Students also learned restaurant and tipping etiquette. Please ask your child how he/she is progressing with the homework requirements needed to become a Cole Professional. Future meeting dates include these learning choices for students:


November 16: Independence: Demonstration Kitchen

December 7: Actions in Public: Museum, Concert, Funeral 

                            Etiquette and Sportsmanship

January 18: Career Part I: Job Applications and Email/Phone


February 1: Career Part II: Interviews; Interview Fair

March 8: Internet Presence & Plagiarism

April 2: Evening of Celebration at Duncan Hall

Graphic of the Words "Quick Hits" with light and dark blue squares in the background.

Quick Hits

1. Do you have Fall Break (October 26 & 29) marked on your calendar?

2. Are you using the Parent Portal option to keep track of your child's academic progress?

3. Have you said a kind word to your child's bus driver? 

4. Are you making sure your child has a warm coat for recess? It blows cold on the Cole prairie.

5. What are you most proud of about your child this school year? Have you told him/her this?

An image of a little boy chasing a yellow "Chance" which looks like a paper airplane. In yellow the looping of the "Chance" draws out the words "Cole"

Big Events - Plan For Them Now


2018-2019 School Year 


Oct. 22-25: Red Ribbon Week

Nov. 6: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Nov. 7-9: Book Fair

Nov. 9: Veterans/Grandparents Day

             1:00 K-2 Show  2:00 3-5 Show

Nov. 14: Picture Retakes and Yearbook Photos

Nov. 15: Grade 5 to SIA

Nov. 16: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Dec. 5-7: Holly Shop

Dec. 7: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Dec. 7: PTO Movie Night

Dec. 9: Christmas with a Cop (Clarks Hill: 11-4)

Dec. 14: 

Dec. 21: Student Council Electronic Day $1

Feb. 4-8: Spring Parent Conferences: Evenings: 2/5 & 2/7

Feb. 5: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

Feb. 8: Grade 4 to Symphony and Food Finders

Feb. 15: K/1 Fairy Tale Ball 1-3

Feb. 22: STEM/Science Night

March 13-14: Spring Book Fair

March 13-14: Breakfast with a Buddy

March 14: Grade 2 and 3 Music Program (6:00 pm) 

April 2: Cole Professional Academy Celebration 6:00

              Thomas Duncan Hall; Lafayette, IN

April 3: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00)

April 10: Kindergarten Roundup (Age 5 by 8/1/19)

April 5: Spring Picture Day

April 15: Kindergarten Assessment Day

April 27: Inaugural Cole Cub 5K (possibly with Wainwright)

May 9 & 10: Camp Tecumseh Overnight: Grade 4

May 10: First Grade Mother's Day Tea 1:30

May 13: First Grade Field Trip to Indianapolis Zoo

May 15: Grade 3 Wax Museum Parent Show: 10:00, 2:00

May 16: Grade 5 to Chicago

May 17: Kindergarten Celebration 10:00

May 20: Fifth Grade Celebration 9:00-11:30

May 21: Field Day *Tentative Schedule*

May 22: Awards Programs: Grades 1-2 (9:30), 3-4 (10:15)

May 23: Talent Show *Tentative Schedule*

May 23: Last Day of School *Subject to Change 

A line of different colored rectangles in the shape of a building (representing books) is across the top. Underneath the words Tippecanoe Count in small letters. Underneath it PUBLIC LIBRARY in capital bold letters.

Book Mobile

The Book Mobile runs twice a week to Stockwell and Clarks Hill.  Teach visit the Book Mobile stops at 9510 Pearl Street in Clarks Hill (The Church) from 6:30-7:00 and 6931 Church Street in Stockwell (The Church) from 7:15-7:45



October 29     November 12, 26     December 10

Drawn image of nine arms extended skyward at different heights in colors ranging from pruple, red, orange, yellow, green in different shades. At the bottom of the graphic is the word Volunteer written in white block letters.

Volunteer Information

It is a priority of the Tippecanoe School Corporation to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students and employees. In an effort to continue our due diligence, we now require all volunteers having ongoing contact with children and/or supervising students (field trips, etc.) to have cleared an expanded criminal background check. These background checks are conducted through Background Investigation Bureau (BIB).  

The criminal background check will search national sex offender databases, court records,and other sources. The cost of the criminal history check is $17.95 (base cost) and is paid for by the volunteer through a link on our website.

Once approved, the volunteer will receive a TSC Volunteer identification card that will be valid for a period of three (3) years. If you volunteer in multiple buildings, you will only need to complete one background check.

Volunteer background checks may take several business days to process so it is important to plan ahead.  

We appreciate your understanding of this important safety guideline.  


Image of  TSC E-Flyers. Square Black Box. Inside in light color is the official TSC logo. Offset to the right at an angle is a flyer in green with an image of a man in a white shirt and gray tie. Underneath in cursive letters is the word Community Organizations.


TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.

TSC Official Logo: State of Indiana with 1962 written across bottom third. TSC across the mid section of Indiana from left to right in large Blue letters. A STAR indicating location of Tippecanoe County. Tippecanoe School Corporation written in circular fashion around the inner portion of the circle that houses the majority of the state of Indiana and completes the logo.

Register for TSC Alerts and Notifications

With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.


Image of a bulletin board with light green fabric as the background with a cartoon paper cut out of a llama head with a bow tie with the lettering "Prob-llama? written in pennant style. Underneath are the words, "Change Your Mindset" with the words "Fixed Mindset" and "Growth Mindset" written underneath with bubbles like "This is too hard", "I;ll never get it right: under Fixed Mindset and "This may requre some effort: and I've got to try a different strategy" under "Growth Mindset"

Your Mindset Matters

There are two types of mindsets: Fixed and Growth. A fixed mindset is one that we all have on occasion that we feel that despite our efforts, we cannot make a change. A growth mindset is one that we also have where we know that if we work hard enough at something, offer GRIT, and effort, we can succeed. Mindsets matter with your child because there are going to be many moments in his/her lifetime when mistakes or failures occur. Having the right mindset that with effort, strategy, and trying our best whle never giving up will overcome obstacles can make all the difference in the world. Cultivate a growth mindset with your child. It can really make a difference.


October - 2018
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM


6418 E. 900 S. • Lafayette, IN 47909 • (765) 523-2141


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