Wea Ridge


August 28, 2017

Timberwolf Tales


Welcome to the 18th year of Wea Ridge Elementary School! We had a wonderful opening this week. We presently have over 600 students. A special welcome to all our new students, along with our 97 kindergarteners. Thanks for joining us at open house. It was great to see you all.


We would like to welcome our newest staff members:


Miss Rachael Misner - 2nd grade

Miss Ashley Wingate - 4th grade

Miss Kimberley Fredenburg - 1st grade, Mrs. Lowrey's maternity leave

Mrs. Tammy Smith - Special Education

Miss Sara Furbush - Art

Miss Llindsay Johnson - Speech

We have had a great start to the school year. Way to go Timberwolves! 


Lunch Guests
We love having guests for lunch, we just ask that you call ahead or send a note letting us know. You
may order a school lunch or bring a homemade lunch. Please be aware that no fast food or carry out is allowed in the cafeteria per corporation policy. You may also choose not to eat and simply join your student for a lunch visit!  Guests sign in the office, receive a guest pass and then pay the cashier in the lunch line. Adult guest lunches are $2.70 and guest child lunches are $2.10. If you do not have exact change, the "change" will be deposited into your child's account. For example, if you bring $3.00, we will not have $0.30 change to return to you and $0.30 will be credited to your child's lunch account.


Student Absences
All student absences or early pick ups, must be reported to the school office. Please do this by placing a phone call by 9:00 am or sending an email to Angie Blann and Brenda Garza stating the reason your child will not be attending school that day. Please be aware that if your student is absent and you do not contact the office, we will be contacting you to check on the status of your child.


End Of The Day Transportation Changes
Please remember that a phone call, or preferably a note, is required to change a child's end of the day routine. The office does not accept calls for end of the day transportation changes after 3:00 pm.
We receive a large number of requests for students to go home with friends at the end of the school day. Please plan ahead. A note must be received in the office from BOTH households at the beginning of the school day. If corresponding notes are not received, the office does not make calls to verify information and the students will go home via their usual routine.  Also, please remember to send a note to the teacher when your child has an appointment. This helps to have your child ready to leave the classroom when you arrive. Thank you for your cooperation.


Car Riders
Car riders use the 18th street entrance for delivery and pickup at door 16.  Please have your children ready for drop-off so we can move through the process efficiently. Students may not be released from their vehicles until 8:50 am, when the bell sounds.


 In the afternoon, the dismissal bell sounds at 3:30 pm. Make sure your name plate is displayed in the right corner of your windshield or your visor and keep it in place until your child is in the vehicle.

If you do not have a name plate or need additional ones, contact Mrs. Blann in the office at (765)471-9321 or .


Please do not park and walk to the curb to get your child or ask your child to walk across the parking lot to your car.  This will cause an unsafe situation and disrupt the flow of vehicles. When it is your turn to pull forward, please move your vehicle all the way to the end of the curb or as far forward as possible for fill all spaces.  Please, be considerate and pull forward and to the side to buckle kids in seats. This helps to keep the line moving smoothly.

 If a parent needs to enter the building with a child, park at the front of the building in the appropriate spaces.  Please also note that TSC has a policy required by legislation governing the amount of time a vehicle can idle on school property. The policy states that vehicles are to be turned off if the vehicle is to be stopped for more than 5 minutes. Thus, if you arrive early please do not idle your engine. The purpose of the guideline is to provide clean air and limit emissions.


The Wea Ridge PTO will be planning several events this year. They will need your help to make them successful!
Please join us for the first meeting on Monday, September 11th at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria. Please enter the building through door 16 (by the gym). All are welcome and encouraged to attend!  Refreshments will be provided. 


The 2017/2018 officers are listed below:  


President- Heidi Wallar

Vice President Roxanna Holle

Co- Secretary Amber Laffoon & Michelle Harding

Co- Treasurer Amber Holle & Dana Blanchard 




Register for TSC alerts and notifications

With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.

Parents/guardians must have an active PowerSchool Parent Portal account with an accurate email address in order to sign in to the website. To sign in for the first time, parents/guardians will click the "Forgot Username or Password" option on the website login page, then enter the email address that is associated with their PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Parents/guardians will then be able to reset the password for their website account, then add a cell phone number and register for SMS (text) alerts.

TSC students and staff will sign in to the website with their TSC username and password. Click here for step by step directions. 

Please contact the TSC Technology Department with any questions regarding this process by email or by phone at 765-269-8060.

Born Learning


 The United Way bornlearning academy is a series of six free workshops that
provide your family with tools and resources to turn everyday activities into learning moments for your children ages 0-5. The workshops are at local schools, with food and childcare provided. 



August 30th
High Ability Meeting
Rambo/Oaks • 6:00 - 6:30


September 8th
Kids First to visit
Grade 2


September 11th
Mary Cutler to visit


September 12th
School Pictures
All Grades


September 12th
Hearing Screening


September 14th & 15th
Mary Cutler to visit
Grade 2


September 20th

Speech Screening


September 26th
 Wea Orchard and Battleground Nature Center  

Kindergarten Field Trip

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