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September 22, 2017     Volume 13 Number 3



Message from the Principal

Mike Pinto

12 Foot Ladder Offers Lesson In Life

Recently I had the opportunity to hang a picture that had fallen from up high above the cafeteria entrance in the lobby. The picture was only accessible by a 12 foot ladder that needed to be hauled down the hallway to its destination.  Recess was ending and I had a chance to grab some strong fifth graders to assist my efforts. They 'muled' the ladder in their arms and then had to navigate the 90 degree turns at each doorway and also wrestle with it as it was opened for use. They then had to hold on while I lumbered up and down the ladder's rungs to make the necessary correction to the picture. Then, they had to wrestle with the ladder to close it, hoist it onto their arms again, and 'mule' it back down the hallway, making all the turns that come with doorways and such. It wasn't easy.  The ladder required teamwork. It also required several attempts, failures, and new attempts. In the end, the boys reached their destination and the job was completed. But it didn't just happen, and it didn't happen easily. Too often we can be faced with a challenge and simply say, "It's too hard." It's much more difficult to put in the heavy lifting and navigate the tight spaces that we find ourselves in with learning and with life.  There is nothing more a fifth grader wants to do than help. They really do.  They find the chances to lug, haul, and lift to be fun.  What I find when I have students in these moments is that what initially looks like a lot of fun, often quickly becomes something a little less glamorous. But with encouragement and with the attitude that "You can do this", the job gets done. In the end, what is completed is the task, but what also gets completed is a reinforcement of lessons that will shape children into adults - the sense that even though it's hard, it can be done, even if it requires a few times through the maintenance doors to accomplish.  A lot can be learned from a 12 foot ladder. Sometimes the journey holds all the answers. Mke Pinto


Rude, Mean, or Bullying?

At Cole Elementary we aim to provide and encourage a safe and supportive learning environment. Communicating the importance of treating people right, is something we do on a daily basis. I will be visiting each classroom over the next few weeks to present lessons on bullying prevention. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice ways to handle bullying situations. With the increasing awareness of the negative effects of bullying, it is important that we have a clear understanding of what bullying is and what is isn't. I am hopeful that these three words can help all of us better identify rude, mean, and bullying behaviors.


When someone accidentally says or does something hurtful, that's rude.


When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once or maybe twice, that's mean.


When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful, that is repeated over time, and there is an imbalance in power, that's bullying.


Let's choose kindness.

"Be the reason someone smiles today." 


Super Saturday Offerings

The Fall Super Saturday program allows parents to learn with their students in fun, engaging, and challenging courses. Parents also learn helpful strategies for working with their gifted student. We would love to see families from TSC participate! Registration is officially open until September 23rd, but classes fill up quickly! Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.  

G1-2 Mighty Writers & Superb Storytellers (9am -1pm, $60): This creative nonfiction course will allow students to unearth their communication skills by mastering the art of sensory storytelling and self-expression. Students will be play writing, acting in small group activities, and designing their own elevator pitches to gain experience for real-world interactions.


G3-5 Back to the Roots (9am-3pm, $70) : Did you know that more than 75% of Modern English vocabulary comes from other languages? In this course, students will learn about the roots of English words through map activities, expand their vocabulary and learn about history simultaneously.
G3-5 Riparian Researchers (9am-3pm, $70) : Are you interested in ecology? Guided by a Hoosier Riverwatch instructor, students and parents will explore a stream habitat, discuss water quality, perform chemical analysis, and identify stream insects!


Register at l2017, and you can find more info at



Digital Citizenship

Looking for a tool that will help you find balance with all the technolgy your child is exposed to? How about some tools that may keep your child safe? Want a way to have a movie reviewed before you watch it? is a non-profit organization that can help you.  Check out the link and see all the wonderful pieces of information at your fingertips as parents that may help you help your child be safe, productive, and healthy with technology.



Spirit Day: September 29, 2017

The Cole Student Council has announced that Friday, September 29 will be Cole Spirit Day. Wear Cole clothing and show your pride in the school.  An order form for Spirit Wear is being created and will be shared with everyone around Parent-Teacher Conference time.  This spirit wear will be returned in time for the holidays if you would like to offer it as a gift. Wear the green and gold or anything Cole on September 29 and show how proud you are to be a Cole Cub.



Movie Night & Cookie Dough Pickup

Movie Night and Cookie Dough Pickup will occur on Friday, October 6. Doors will open at 5:45 with the movie beginning at 6:00 and end at 8:00.  Parents are asked to sign your child in when coming and sign your child out at the end of the movie. We will be watching the Disney classic "Hocus Pocus". Admission is $2 with concessions 50 cents except for hot dogs which sell fro $1.00. Parents who would like to attend are admitted free. We just ask that parents attending help with crowd control and also help with concession sales. When dropping off or picking up, please stop by the Cole Cafeteria to pick up your child's PTO Cookie Dough or Trash Bag sale items.  


Cole PTO Pumpkin Night

The Cole PTO is hosting a Pumpkin Night at Wea Creek Orchard on October 12 from 5:00-7:00. Come pick out a pumpkin, buy some apples, go on a free hay ride, and enjoy the natural beauty of the barns and the orchard. This is a fun, family event open to all..


Human Growth & Development Movie

Grade 4 and 5 students will be shown the Human Growth and Development Movie on Thursday, October 12. Parents wishing to preview the movie should contact Nurse Hudgins to arrange a time to come into school for the preview.


Emailing School

 Email is a wonderful thing most times. A few reminders below will help make this tool even more effective.

  • Please email both Mrs. Gish and Mrs. Kesterson if you email school to report an absence or to make a parent pickup.
  • Emails do not have tone, inflection, or the tendencies that accompany human speech.  If you have a frustration or a concern, the protocol that should be used both school-to-home and home-to-school should include a simple email stating, "I have a concern. Can we talk on the phone or meet in the next day or so?"
  • Although we all try not to live our work 24-7, teachers often do with their jobs. To that end, one of the ways that balance can be found is the ability to go home and not be 'On' all night long. To that end, you may send an email that is received in the evening, but not replied right away.  We work by the 24 hour rule at Cole. You should hear a response in 24 hours. We will also offer the same margin with parents in terms of our emails home.
  • Another protocol that is the same school-to-home and home-to-school is to offer a response, even if it is a short, one-sentence response to an email or simply a "Thank You" so the sender knows you have read and received the message. Expect such courtesy from the Cole Staff.
  • Teacher emails can be found on the Cole Website under the Staff Directory tab located under the About Us tab.



Parent Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held at Cole during the week of October 17-20.  There will be slots for morning (8:15 & 8:30) as well as availability after school and evening. A sheet with information about your availability will be sent home in the next few days and will need to be returned by Tuesday, October 3 so teachers can schedule. Thank you for your assistance. We will once again meet our expectation of 100% attendance at Parent-Teacher Conferences through your cooperation and follow-through. 


College Go Week

We would like all of our students to have options as they graduate high school. Some will enter the military. Others will enter a trade. Still others will pursue college. Mrs. Burton will be working with students on classroom lessons in October focusing on careers. We are celebrating College Go Week with our students the week of September 25-29. To highlight options, we are asking students to wear their favorite college gear on Thursday, October 28. It will be a fun way to show the different colleges. Teachers will also be showing their spirit by wearing the colors of a university they graduated from in the past.


Bulky Trash, Tire & Medicine Collection

Keep Stockwell Beautiful will be hosting Bulky Trash and Tire Collection Days on October 28 and 29 from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Five dumpsters will be in the Cole Parking lot for community members to bring large items for disposal. No electronics or appliances will be taken. The Clarks Hill Marshall will be present on October 28 from 10:00 until Noon to collect prescription medication for disposal. Please, no needles or sharpies at this disposal. This is a service provided to the community by Keep Stockwell Beautiful.


How To Raise An Adult

If you want to help your child be the best adult he/she can be - play is important. Here are some tips to help your child play that may help them as they grow into adults:

Value Free Play - Not everything needs to be structured.

2. Know Your Kid - Set limits on the type and time for each


3. Create Agreements with Parents - Work with other

    parents to carve out time when play can happen.                     Encourage your child to call a friend to play.

4. Offer Materials to Foster Independent Play

5. Let Your Kid Decide How and What to Play

6. Work on Creating Space Between You and Your Kid -

    If you feel the need to observe your child at play - do it 

    from a distance. Let them fall down and get back up. Let 

    them work out some differences without intervening.

7. Develop the Capacity to Wince, but not Pounce - be 

    ready to provide a hug or a Band-Aid and reassurance, 

    but don't limit their chances to skin a knee or fall down.

8. Create a Culture of Free Outdoor Play: Designate safe

    spaces where children can plan.



"Ketchup is maple syrup for hamburgers." Gretchen Rubin. Think about the condiments in your refrigerator and think about how they are used around your dinner table. Are you moderating the consumption of these condiments? Many contain high levels of salt and sugar which can lead to weight gain and poor health in your child. Don't throw away the ketchup bottle, but teach your child moderation. In the process you are also teaching him/her good table manners and also working to limit food waste. An easy trick that can pay big dividends for you and your family. 


Cole PTO

The Cole PTO is very active in its support of the students and staff at Cole. Every parent is a member of the Cole PTO. We would love to have you join us for meetings and lend your assistance to the many programs they have in place. Please find some important dates listed below and please, plan to attend our first meeting. 


October 6: PTO Movie Night & Cookie Dough Pick-up

October 12: PTO Pumpkin Night at Wea Creek Orchard


November 7: Cole PTO Meeting (6:00) 

November 10: Grandparents Day (1:00-3:00)


Cole Professional Academy

The Cole Professional Academy had a successful launch in September. This program, which targets professional "Soft Skills" with fifth graders, began with a focus on the definition of a professional, dressing professionally, dressing for success, and the value of a mentor.  This program runs through April when fifth graders who have completed all of their Professional Academy assignments will be honored at a 'graduation' ceremony.  Many local community organizations and business people have collaborated with the Cole Staff to make this event a reality.  Reminder to all Cole fifth graders that they are to wear their Cole Professional Academy white collared shirts on the day of the event. Dates are posted on Facebook and the school website.  They are also listed below:


October 10:      Manners

November 17:  Etiquette

December 15:  Personal Safety/Responsibility

January 19:     Community Service/Service to Others

February (TBD): Personal Integrity

March (TBD):     Money/Time Management


Big Events - Plan For Them Now

May 1: Grade 4 and 5 Pond Day

May 2: Grade 3 to Fair Oaks Farms

May 3: Grade 5 Chicago Trip

May 10 & 11: Grade 4 to Camp Tecumseh overnight

May 11: Grade 5 to Martell Forest

May 11: First Grade Mother's Day Tea

May 14: Fifth Grade Celebration

May 16: Third Grade Wax Museum

May 18: Kindergarten Celebration

May 22: Field Day

May 23: Awards Day: 1st & 2nd (9:30); 3rd & 4th (10:15)

May 24: Talent Show *Subject to Change


Volunteer Information

As per Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy 8120 – Volunteers, each volunteer who is in direct contact with students will be required to submit a Limited Criminal History Record Check in order to volunteer within the school. Any chaperone who wishes to attend a field trip must also have a completed and approved Limited Criminal History Record Check as well. These forms are available on the TSC website and have been sent home already. Please contact Kelly Kesterson in the Cole Office if you have any questions.



TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.


Register for TSC Alerts and Notifications
With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.


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