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October 2017







We will be having parent-teacher conferences October 16th-20th with evening hours available on Tuesday, October 17th and Thursday, October 19th. Please remember that these meetings are scheduled back to back, it is very important that you show up on time in order to keep everything on schedule. If you have to reschedule your conference please understand that spaces will be limited.


With cooler weather, it's important to make sure your child is dressed appropriately. We will go outside to recess each day unless it is raining, snowing heavily, or extremely cold. Please check the weather report daily to help your child make appropriate choices in what to wear.


Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 5th and Friday, October 6th.  We will begin at 8am and will be finishing up before students arrive on the bus. Please do not send your child on the bus if you plan to attend. Dads, grandfathers, uncles or any other special male person are encouraged to join your student for breakfast at MME before school. Please RSVP to the event so we have an accurate head count.


With cooler weather approaching we tend to see an increase in the spread of head lice. We encourage students store coats, hats and gloves in their book bags during school. Also, please remind your student not to share hats or coats with other students. It is a good idea to check your child at home on a regular basis. If you would like the nurse to check at school please notify us. 


It seems early in the year to discuss weather delays, however, we have already experienced our first 2 hour delay. Our weather can change quickly as we move into fall and winter. If the delay is 2 hours, school will begin at 10:50am. Students should not come to school before 10:50am. If your child rides a bus, the pick-up time will be delayed by 2 hours. For example, if your child's bus comes at 8:35 on a normal day, it will arrive at 10:35 on a day we have a 2 hour delay. On 2 hour delay days, we will not serve breakfast. Our lunch will begin serving at 11:15, our regular time for Kindergarten. We again encourage everyone to register for the text message alerts. It is the most convenient notification concerning delays, closings and other events at Mayflower Mill Elementary. The TSC web page is also a fast way to learn about school delays and closings.

With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.

Parents/guardians must have an active PowerSchool Parent Portal account with an accurate email address in order to sign in to the website. To sign in for the first time, parents/guardians will click the "Forgot Username or Password" option on the website login page, then enter the email address that is associated with their PowerSchool Parent Portal account. Parents/guardians will then be able to reset the password for their website account, then add a cell phone number and register for SMS (text) alerts.

TSC students and staff will sign in to the website with their TSC username and password. Click here for step by step directions. Please contact the TSC Technology Department with any questions regarding this process by email or by phone at 765-269-8060.


Please do not send your child to school if they have had a temperature over 100, vomiting, or diarrhea in the last 24 hours. If a student is sent home from school for fever, vomiting or diarrhea they will be out the following day as well. Students CANNOT bring medicine to school.  All medicines & inhalers have to be brought to school BY THE PARENT. Cough drops CANNOT be sent to school either. If your child has borrowed a change of clothes please wash and return them as soon as possible. 



You may hear your student talk about the different safety drills we do here at school. Each month we will do a fire drill. We will also practice tornado drills, earthquake drills, lockout and lock-down drills throughout the school year. We practice these scenarios so each student will know what to do if we were ever faced with the "real deal". In the event of a real lock-down or lockout, please understand that only law enforcement can enter or exit our building. We realize that calling the school to ask questions is your natural reaction but please refrain from calling the school. We receive our information via phone and need to keep our lines open to communicate with central office or law enforcement officers. The best way to find out information during these situations is by being signed up for the text message alerts. We recently sent home directions with every students on how to sign up for these alerts. These directions can also be found in this newsletter and also on the TSC website. 




 October 3rd

Author Scott Magoon visits MME

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

October 4th

Bricks 4 Kidz 3:30-4:30pm

October 5th

Donuts with Dads 8-8:45am

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

October 6th

Donuts with Dads 8-8:45am

October 10th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

October 11th

Bricks 4 Kidz 3:30-4:30pm

PAC meeting 3:30pm

4th Grade Parent Involvement Night 6-7:30pm

October 12th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

October 13th

End of 1st 9 Weeks

Movie Night Grades K-2

October 16th

Parent-Teacher conferences 8:15-8:45am

October 17th

Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:15-8:45am and 4:00-7:00pm

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

October 18th

Parent-Teacher Conference 8:15-8:45am

Bricks 4 Kidz 3:30-4:30pm

 October 19th

Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:15-8:45am and 4:00-7:00pm
Sole Sister 3:30-4:45pm

October 20th

Parent-Teacher Conferences 8:15-8:45am

1st 9 Weeks Awards 2pm

October 24th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

October 26th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

October 27th-30th

Fall Break- NO SCHOOL

October 31st

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

November 2nd

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

November 7th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

November 7th-8th

5th Grade Field Trip- Camp Tecumseh

November 8th 

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

November 9th

Sole Sisters 3:30-4:45pm

November 10th

Veteran's Day Program 10am

November 14th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

November 16th

Picture Retake Day

1st Grade Parent Involvement Night

November 21st

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

November 23rd-24th

Thanksgiving Break- NO SCHOOL

November 28th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

December 5th

Chess Club 3:30-4:30pm

December 7th

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

December 12th

Chess Club (last practice) 3:30-4:30pm

December 22nd

End of 2nd 9 Weeks

End of 1st Semester

December 25th-January 8th

Winter Break- NO SCHOOL

January 9th

Students return to school

January 10th

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

January 12th

2nd 9 Weeks Awards 9:30am

January 25th

3rd Grade Parent Involvement Night 6-7:30pm

February 1st

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

February 14th

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

February 19th

 President's Day- Snow makeup day for any days missed through February 2, 2018

February 22nd

Kindergarten Parent Involvement Night

February 26th-March 9th

ISTEP grades 3-5

March 1st

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

2nd Grade Parent Involvement Night

March 9th

End of 3rd 9 Weeks

March 12th-16th

Parent Teacher Conferences


March 14th

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

March 16th

3rd 9 Weeks Awards 2pm

March 26th-30th

Spring Break- NO SCHOOL

April 5th

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

April 10th

Autho Sandra Markle visits MME

April 11th

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

April 13th

Spring Pictures

April 16th-May4th

ISTEP Grades 3-5

May 3rd

Junior Nature Club 3:30-5pm

May 8th

Kindergarten Field Trip- Indy Zoo

May 9th

PAC Meeting 3:30pm

May 10th-11th

Mary Lou's with Moms 8-8:45am

2/3 High Ability overnight field trip to Indy Zoo

May 21st

Kindergarten Graduation 10am

May 22nd

Field Day 12:30pm

May 23rd

Talent Show 9:30am

May 24th

End of Year Awards 9:30am

5th Grade Walk 3:10pm



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