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2nd Semester Courses are Available

Second semester courses are already available in the "All Courses" section of Canvas. Use the icon on the left side Global Navigation to find your courses. Be sure to add a star so these courses will show up on your Dashboard. We also recommend communicating this to students.

S1 and S2 Courses

Canvas courses are organized by semester, which means your have separate semester 1 and semester 2 courses. All courses for semester 1 will be concluded at the start of semester 2. Students will not be able to access these "past enrollments."


Importing Content

If your courses share similar content between semesters, including a homepage, you'll need to copy the content from S1 to S2. If not, you'll want to copy your course from lat year to this year. Be sure to click "adjust due dates" to make moving dates on assignments and events easier.

UPDATE: Gradebook Sync

Several teachers will be moving to PowerTeacher Pro in the coming semester. As a part of this change you will now see two options when syncing grades from Canvas. If you are a part of the pilot group, you will need to use "Sync to PTP." If you are using the original PowerTeacher gradebook, please use "Sync to PS."


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