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The Connected Learning team has six new Breakout EDU kits ready for you to use with your students. These brand new kits feature an updated look and improved lock designs. 


Checkout Procedures

Visit our Breakout Calendar to select a week. You will need to book each kit individually. Simply click on the name of the kit and then save. Note: You should be signed in to Google in order for the event to be added to your calendar. Please be sure to choose a game before deciding how many kits to book. Kits must be picked up from Central Office on Monday between 7:30am-4:30pm and dropped off on Friday between 7:30am-4:30pm.



BreakoutEDU Games

You can browse the available BreakoutEDU games on their website. Additionally, if you'd like access to their full platform, please fill out our request form. 


The TSC Technology Department has three Google Expedition kits available for teacher check out. In order to check out a kit, teachers must go through a training course or summer training. The course will give an overview of the Expedition kit, how to run an Expedition with students, and how to plan lessons with Expeditions.

Teachers are asked to work through five sections, with a self-check quiz after completing each section. The five sections in this training are:

  • Google Expeditions Basics
  • Device Care (smartphones & tablet)
  • Headset Care
  • Safety Considerations
  • Planning and Leading an Expedition


In the last section of this training, teachers are asked to complete a post-survey. This will give you access to the booking form for the TSC Expedition Kits.

Interested in connecting with others who have been trained? Check out our Google Expedition Leaders.

Have you already attended a training? Book your Expedition kit today!


Please be sure to pick an Expedition before booking your kit. As a reminder, kits will be dropped off on Monday during school hours in the main office. Teachers will have an Expedition kit for a week*. Below you will see the link to book, 1:00 AM corresponds to Kit #1, 2:00 AM corresponds to Kit #2, and 3:00 AM corresponds to Kit #3. Each kit is exactly the same and provides 30 student devices. If a particular week has no availability, use the arrows to display more dates. Email clteam@tsc.k12.in.us with any questions.


*Please note, all teachers planning to use the kit during the week are required to go through the Expeditions training.


Available Google Expeditions




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