Wea Ridge


February 2019 


Message from the Principal

Fred Roop


During the months of November and December, our students and teachers spent time learning about neuroscience and how that can be applied in our daily lives and at school. Sixth-grade students met with Mrs. Anne Marshall, TSC's Neuroscience Educator, to discover how mindfulness helps us to be fully present, aware of what we are doing and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around us. Focused attention practices can be used to prepare our brains for learning and help calm the myriad of thoughts in our brains. It has been great to see how our students have applied some of this learning and even taught younger siblings and families some of the brain awareness practices they learned from Mrs. Marshall. For more information on neuroscience education, visit the TSC neuroscience webpage


Indiana weather caused two school closings last week due to the brutally cold temperatures.  These closings have changed the final date of classes for the 2018-19 school year.  Students' final day of school will be Tuesday, May 28.  Any further school closures will be added on to the end of the school year.   


Golden Apple


Wea Ridge Middle School has a 2019 Golden Apple Award winner.  Greater Lafayette Commerce announced this week that Beth Rivas, sixth grade science teacher, has been selected as a 2019 Golden Apple recipient.  The award recognizes and celebrates the positive contributions of educational leaders in Tippecanoe County.  As all our current and former Huskies know, Mrs. Rivas brings a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and energy to her classroom.  Her collaboration with Purdue Engineering has brought a wealth of STEM knowledge and activities to Wea Ridge.  Congratulations Mrs. Rivas on this outstanding honor that recognizes her outstanding classroom teaching. 


Securly Parent App


Securely for Parents allows parents to track student activity and customize home internet policy. Securly, Tippecanoe School Corporation's choice in internet filtration, has recently launched a parent portal. Parents can now view their kids' activity across educational sites and time, in-school and at-home across all of their school-owned devices. All of this is delivered via beautifully designed dashboards and e-mail reports!


For more information on Securly for Parents, please watch this video for instructions on getting started with Securly today!  Additional information is available on the Technology Department's 1 to 1 Initiative Parent Resources page.

*Parents must have an email address listed in PowerSchool to gain access to the Securly parent portal.



Hoops for Heart


Thank you to all of the students who participated in the Hoops for Heart campaign this year. The event raised $4732.75 for the American Heart Association. The students who raised ten dollars or more enjoyed a fun-filled day at the Purdue women's basketball game on December 22. Way to go Huskies!


Intramural Sports

Student Council News





1st Semester Gotcha Winners
Congratulations to these students who were drawn out of the entire semester's worth of Gotchas.  They were given $80 to spend on

6th Graders Maya Watson & Daniel Arroyo
7th Graders Dominic Peterson & Alaina Fox
8th Graders Christy Huang & Layne Veldhuizen



The month of January Gotcha winners are as follows:

6th Graders                7th Graders                 8th Graders

Alayna Wise                Jaylynn Howard           Jaidyn Tyrie

Jayden Perkins           Joanna Bogetto            Cameron Trawick

Kaite Watson               Emmanuel Perez         Sarah Henady

Kaya Brooks                Alexis Ortiz                  Coleten Kennedy

Kelsi Coburn                Noah Jackson              Abby Driscol

Bryce Mitchell              Nick Ridgley                 Lauren Salazar


Honor Roll Rewards

The last week of January, any student who made the honor roll for the 2nd 9 weeks received a treat during lunch.  Alternate prizes were available for students with allergies.  Congratulations to those students!  We see how hard you are working and we are proud of you!   Keep up the great work!

The 2nd dance of the school year will be held on Friday, February 15th, after school until 4:30pm.  Tickets will be on sale during lunch Thursday and Friday for $3.  Pizza, pop, and candy will be available for purchase in the cafeteria during the dance.  Please remember that only Wea Ridge Middle School students may attend and all rides should be here promptly by 4:30pm.      

Food Drive

Student Council will be sponsoring our 3rd Annual Food Drive in February!  Details will be posted on our school Facebook page soon.       


6th Grade Student Council Members

Congratulations to our newly-elected 6th grade student council members.  They are as follows: 
Jaxon Akridge, Kierstin Asay, Catilyn Hatke, Victoria Kendall, Kylee Ledman, Khelan Patel, Morgan Zubay


Upcoming Spirit Days
The first Wednesday of every month will be a school theme day!
Wednesday, February 6th  -  Pajama Day

Wednesday, March 6th - Mismatch Day


2nd Quarter Honor Roll



6th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll

Dylan Adams, Jaxon Akridge, Ian Baker, Vanessa Carrico, Christian Castro. Brianna Chrust  Christopher Cleveland, Faith Coons, Kylee Cotterman, Paxson Crater, Erin Curley, Riley Evans, Carlee Ewing, Jovi Flora, Jordan Frank, Trinity Gilbert, Aidan Glover, Caitlyn Hatke, Chance Henderson, Wyatt Houston, Aiden Jacobs-Hicks, Paul Jacobson, Lauren Johnson, Victoria Kendall, Natalie Kenner, Kylee Ledman, Sarah Luban, Joshua Madsen, Morgan Maule, Julia Mazur, Bryce Mitchell, Kelsey Nelson, Emily Nguyen, Galathea Nodalo, Sydney Osborn, Khelan Patel, Nyah Patel, Madalyn Pitts, Heidi Queen, Juliana Rojas, Jesse Sierra,, Lucas Thielen, Owen Toro, Liliana Valdez, Nayeli Valdez, Betzy Vasquez-Casas, Mackenna Wallace, Morgan Zubay



6th Grade A-B Honor Roll

Abygail Alarcon-Guerrero, Kierstin Asay, Emma Baker, Miguel Barradas, Dynasty Battle, Luke Bond, Madison Bradshaw, Nariyah Brigham, Ryker Bruck, Devyn Burke, Hudson Burnette, Ethan Carlson, Ethan Davis, Makenna Druhan, Jovani Easterly-Velazquez Jamie Edmondson,  Connor Felty, Abigail Fruits, Jacob Graham, Alejandro Gutierrez-Deloya, Aidan Heyde, Madeline Hines, Elise Hutson, Andrew Johnson, Ava Lacey, Devyn Marlin, Leniere Moore, Madelyn Moore, Kinley Reagan, Nathalie Rizo-Ochoa, Gavin Russell, Jacob Sheese, Austin Sims, Makayla Tomlinson, Benjamin Toth, Alondra Vasquez, Jacob Weiss, Johnna Rae Whitlock



7th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll

Jordana Caraza, Cole Chicoine, Kelsie Cline, Sophia Crowder, Ailani Del Real, Michael Demko, Diana Diaz, Alleigh Dutton, Makenna Ford, Marie Fultz, Anna Hall, William Holden, Jillian Kender, Megan Koellisch, Averi Loft, Lillian Loy, Janessa Martinez, Cameron McPherson, Makayla Mikels, Ygnacio Munoz, Maya Nichols, Abigail Payne, Caden Polmateer, Ava Rehwinkel, Ava Hope Robinson, Ava Nichole Robinson, Calen Rose, Sofia Schurman, Allie Shondell, Gracelyn Sietsma, Cody Sliger, Cristal Sosa, Aaron Stack, Rachel Townsend, Galilea Villegas, Allison Welch, Owen Wright, Noah Yenerich



7th Grade A-B Honor Roll

Eva Albrecht, Zane Anderson, Tiffany Archer, Pedro Baptista, Brock Bertsche, Alexandra Blankenship, Jasmine Carrillo, Nevaeh Cole, Aedyhn Demko, Chelsey Flores, Torsten Forlandsaas, Alaina Fox, Abigail Freichs, Colin Frier, Emmanuel Gaeta, Margarita Gonzalez, Landon Green, Nataly Gutierrez- Murrieta, Katie Harrison, Isabella Humphrey, Noah Jackson,  Rhys Krueger, Kassidy Ladd, Jasper Lau, Alexandra Lazur, Anna Major, Jayla Martinez, Nicole McGlothlin, Parker Nangle, Aiden Nellis, Odalis Nicanor-Diaz, Jackson Pettiner, Vanessa Pumarino, Riley Sands, Alex Sayers, Danica Schreckengast, Garrett Shidler, Madisyn Shultheis, Jaquan Simes, Marialis Sosa, Mirenna Taylor, Cruz Tirado, Shannia Vasquez, Adrian Willert, Damareon Williams, Destiny Wright-Murdock, Brielle Young



8th Grade Distinguished Honor Roll

Madison Akridge, Ethan Aviles, Joslyn Bishop, Bryan Blanchard, Olivia Blankenship, Raegan Burns, McKenzie Butler, Alondra Cervantes, Chloe Chicoine, Alyssa Chrust, Justin Cree, Alannah Druhan, Shawn Fisher, Alexander Focosi, Riley Fritchley, Lauren Graham, Abbie Grindstaff, Sheree Grindstaff, Jury Grubb, Emme Hamilton, Sarah Henady, Adam Hobbs, Drew Holdman, Christy Huang, Eden Jones, Keidra Landis, Edwin Lopez, Olivia Luban, Clara McCain, Kristal Nolasco, Nayeli Pedroza, Carolina Porras-Hernandez, Samuel Queen, Ethan Ray, Madison Reese, Lauren Salazar, Makenna Sands, Daniel Sanson, Kaysen Schloemer, John Sherlow, Alexus Shoff, Aubrey Sims, Kara Smith, Mackenzie Standerfer, Ty Trapp, Cailynn Trombley, Madison Whited, Samantha Wood, Ty Woodward, Megan Wyrick, Amy Zaldivar, Konrad Zieminski



8th Grade A-B Honor Roll

Evan Anders, Ana Baids, Wilson Bernardez Alvarez, Owen Brown, Lyndsey Clark, Asher Duncan, Bryan Esparza-Aymara, Mariana French, Alyssa Gray, James Grove, Atrayue Hadley, Kenneth Hall, Caleb Hamelman, Michael Hammonds, Gabriel Harris, Timothy Ho, Aaniece Johnson, Coleten Kennedy, Anna Marsell, Jacob Maslanka, Abigayle Miller, Ethan Moffatt, Bradley Moore, Kalin Moore, Nancy Murrieta-Luna, Ethan Pastore, Evan Pastore, Haylee Peters, Frankie Pettingill, Emily Ramos, Grant Royer, Tre Siefers, Achyle Smith, Israel Tapia-Mayahua, Alexis Troxel, Lewis Urschel, LeeAnn Wainscott 


2nd Quarter Perfect Attendance



Dylan Adams, Dynasty Battle, Devyn Burke, Bardock Bushong, Vanessa Carrico, Ethan Carlson, Kylee Cotterman, Aarrion Cramer, Connor Felty, Braxton Ferney, Jovi Flora, Jordan Frank, Abigail Fruits, Aiden Glover, Maria Gonzalez-Galvan, Caitlyn Hatke, Aiden Jacobs, Lauren Johnson, Joshua Madsen, Devyn Marlin, Hunter Marlin, Mary Martin, Nyah Patel, Madalyn Pitts, Juan Puentes, Makaylah Roy, Gavin Russell, Zachery Schwendener, Lisa Scott, Peyton Scott, D'Marion Simes, Austin Sims, Nayeli Valdez, Mackenna Wallace, Anthony Williams



Cayla Blevins, Cole Chicoine, Sofia Crowder, Aedyhn Demko, Isle Duarte Pineda,Chelsey Flores,Torsten Forlandsaas, Colin Frier, Jahzeel Bell Garcia, Nicole Hernandez-Melchor, Alexandra Lazar, Cameron McPherson, Ava N. Robinson, Ileiana Sanchez, Keon Scheibe, Sofia Schurman, Mitchell Selzer, Cody Sliger



Madison Akridge, Wilson Bernardez Alvarez, Owen Brown, McKenzie Butler, Chloe Chicoine, Jaime Cuevas, Bailey Floyd, Lauren Graham, Abbie Grindstaff, Sheree Grindstaff, Christy Huang, Tyler Merrell, Michelle Olvera Tino, Abby Reece, Maggie Robbins, Samantha Wood


Choir News 


Congratulations to those singers who were selected to the Area 3 Circle the State with Song Festival. They will be performing with other students from our area at Lafayette Jefferson High School on Saturday, February 9th . Congratulations Huskies!


6th Grade:                       7th grade:                     8th grade:

Dynasty Battle                 Victoria Allen                  Madison Akridge

Vanessa Carrico              Annie Buettner               Joslyn Bishop

Brianna Chrust                Samantha Clark              Abby Driscol

Trinity Gilbert                   Nevaeh Cole                   Asher Duncan

Wyatt Houston                 Katie Gonzalez               Mariana French

Elise Hutson                    Lexi Hutson                     Olivia Luban

Reese Jenkinson            Je'mya Ingram                 Isabella Terry

Natalie Kenner                Kaliisa Jewett                  Diego Torres

Sarah Luban                   Anna Major

Brooklynn McGreevy      Cameron McPherson

Alexzander Moore          Makayla Mikels

Jazmin Munoz                Aiden Nellis

Elizabeth Oswalt             Abbigayle Skaggs

Benjamin Toth                 Rachel Townsend

Getsemani Vela-Diaz      Allison Wlech

Kalea Washington

Morgan Zubay

Text Alerts

Counselor Connection


The high school counselors will soon be coming over to talk with the 8th graders about scheduling for high school.  8th grade parents can attend a parent meeting at McCutcheon on Feb. 4th at 7pm. Students will need to enter their course selections on Friday February 8. I will be offering opportunities during lunch and homeroom during the next two weeks (Jan. 28-Feb. 8) to help students with schedules or to answer any questions. The high school counselors will be also be available to contact to discuss scheduling.   


Twenty-First Century Scholars is a wonderful program that can help pay for college. Students must enroll in this program during 7th or 8th grade. You can find more information and enroll in the program at If you need help or additional information, please contact me.


You are welcome to contact me at the school anytime to discuss a situation. Email is easier than phone in case I am with a student or outside of my office. You may also use this counselor referral form as a streamlined method to request me to meet with a student.

Counselor Referral Form


Ebony Gilbert -; (765) 471-2164 ext. 1816


Husky Travel Club


Pack your bags! We are just 2 months away from our European tour and visiting the cities of Amsterdam,
Brussels, Paris, and London. Those signed up for the trip should plan to attend a departure meeting. The
departure meetings will be held on February 11 at 4:30 or February 13 at 6:00. You only need to attend one
of these meetings. Please bring your passport, the medical information sheet, and any currency that you want
exchanged to the meeting.
For those of you that want to follow along with our spring break trip, like our facebook page.

We have had two spots open up on our 2019 trip to Greece. If you have interest in traveling to Greece
during spring break week in 2020, please contact Mrs. Sanson for more information.


Wea Summer Rec


Wea Summer Rec registration is open and will run from now until March 17. It is encouraged to sign up early to be ensured of a roster spot. During registration, Wea will monitor numbers for our roster sizes. The board, at its discretion, may close certain leagues for registration ahead of March 17th, and place any player wishing to play after that date on a "waiting list". If enough players are interested to satisfy rosters, we may then accept the waiting list players on a first come first served basis. Wea will post via social media and organizational emails to notify past players when this situation may arise for a fair warning ahead of time, as much as possible.
All leagues are subject to having enough coaches for teams. If we run into a case where we do not have enough volunteer coaches to suffice the number of players registered, we will go off order of registration date for how many teams we can field appropriately. Those left without a team will be refunded if no coach is found

Please visit to get your player signed up for their baseball/softball program today! 

Homework Help

Husky Homework Help


Husky Homework Help is every day after school. Students are expected to collect their belongings and come straight to room 209. If you don't have homework, you are asked to go home. This eliminates distractions for students working. We study from 2:30-3:15. Parents need to make sure there is a ride at school by 3:15. While here, students are expected to work quietly.  Mrs. Kellogg will be available for help with assignments.   


TSC E-Flyers


TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.



February 4  8th grade parent meeting at MHS 7pm

February 8  8th grade students schedule for MHS  8am

February 9  Circle the State with Song

February 15  School Dance  2:30- 4:30pm



March 7  6th grade Science Consumer Night 6pm

March 8  6th grade Choir Festival  

March 11-13 NWEA Testing during school day

March 12  Band Concert 6pm

March 14  Choir Concert 6pm

March 15 Symphonic Band contest

March 16  7th and 8th grade Choir Contest

March 20  Battle of the Books  7pm

March 25-29  Spring Break


4410 South 150 East • Lafayette, IN 47909 • (765) 471-2164

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