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March 15, 2019

Timberwolf Tales

Upcoming Events


March 18 - 20

3rd Grade IREAD testing



TCPL Mobil Library to visit Kindergarten


MARCH 25 - 29

Spring Break



4th Grade Field Trip to the Statehouse - Mrs. Rambo, Mrs. Porter and Miss Rohman



Mrs. Oaks 2/3 Field Trip to Purdue Nano Days


APRIL 8 - 9

Dunes trip for 5th Grade - Mrs. Wright & Miss Martin


APRIL 9 - 10

  Dunes trip for 5th Grade - Mr. Webber & Miss Straw







Testing Dates: 

March 18-20th   3rd Grade IREAD

ApriL 22-May 17TH  3rd-5th Grades ILEARN



Kindergarten Round Up - 5:00 -6:30



Author Visit - Tammy Sauer



Spring Pictures


April 22 - May 17

3rd-5th Grades ILEARN testing


APRIL 23 - 24

Muffins with Mom 8am



4th Grade Field Trip to the Statehouse - Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Oppy

Wednesday's cancellation, 1/30/19, will be made up Friday, May 24

Thursday's cancellation, 1/31/19, will be made up Tuesday, May 28


PTO News: 


NEXT MEETING - April 8, at 5:30 pm, cafeteria. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Please enter through door #16 (at the back of the building by the Gym).  


RESTAURANT NIGHT The next PTO restaurant night is on March 15 at Chuck E Cheese!  Look for more information to come home. 

Thank you for your support in joining us at the PTO restaurant nights! 


 BOX TOPS -  Keep clipping and sending them in!   Our last submission was $140.80.   Thank you! 


SALE EXTENDED:  Lafayette Area Card Fundraiser

Due to it's popularity, the card sale will be extended thru next week! 

This year we will be selling a card with unlimited uses in place of the Peelers. The new cards sell for $20 per card and all proceeds will go to both the Student Care Account and the Principal Account. Our Card Fundraiser will now end on Friday, March 22.

Any student who sells 10 or more cards will get the opportunity to spend time in the Game Truck at a later date yet to be determined. Any student selling 20 or more cards will receive one free card. Limit of one free card per family.

As always, if your students decide to ask friends and neighbors to order, please sell 
in groups or with an adult. Thank you in advance for helping us to raise money for our school. Any questions can be directed to Mrs. Garza in the school office.


McCutcheon Scientists Share What They Know

The second graders traveled to McCutcheon High School to learn about our heart and changes in science.  Mrs. Bymaster teaches life science at McCutcheon and helped us discover the importance of our heart. First, we used a stethoscope to listen to our heart beating.  Then we checked our heart rate using an oximeter. We were surprised to see the different numbers for our heart rates after we ran in place. Then we were able to see a pig's heart up close and touch it.  The high school students carefully explained the different parts of the heart. We even played a game to learn how the blood flows into the different parts of our heart. We were amazed!

During the second part of the field trip, we used our observation skills to see what would happen with Mrs. Meyers who teaches physical science.  We watched as a clear beaker of liquid changed different colors by adding a few drops of a chemical and the more drops that were added the darker the color became.  Then we learned how cold dry ice is and what happens when balloons are placed inside it. We also learned about static electricity and how light can bend to reflect off of different items.  So many exciting things for us to see!

Thanks to Mrs. Bymaster, Mrs. Meyers and students for sharing your science knowledge!!  We can't wait to become a McCutcheon Maverick and learn even more about science.


Thank you to all participants in the Read-A-Thon!  Students will receive an ice cream treat today.  The top 15 readers will go into the book fair to choose a book of their choice. 


Kindergarten Students:
Rileigh Taylor
Zachary Hawk
Brantley Burns
Rylee Vester
Finn Schurman
Aiden Bader

First Grade:
Will Lahrman
Jackson Eager
Jude Fritchley
Kyler Clawson

Second Grade:

Sophia Eager
Rebecca Gaeta
Lucas Jackson
Roslyn Diehls
Aubrey Learman
Ke'Mauri Daniels
Colton Rose

Third Grade:
Xander Clawson
Reid Schurman
Micah Cameron

Fourth Grade:
Mason Appleton
Cooper Chicoine
Reese Robinson
Jonah Fritchley

Fifth Grade:
Lucas Learman
Atrin Elkins
Ella Hathaway
Lexi Shondell


Dental Health Month


Did you know that February was dental health month?  The second grade classes were visited by Miss Audrey, a dental hygienist.  She showed us the proper way to brush our teeth, the importance of flossing daily, pictures of tooth decay, and x-rays of teeth.  On some of the x-rays we discovered how a cavity is formed. The x-rays also allowed us to see wisdom teeth and adult teeth ready to come in and take over for the baby teeth.  Each child received a new toothbrush and some toothpaste. Remember, kids only need a little toothpaste, the size of two peas, on their toothbrush! Thank you, Miss Audrey for your time, expertise and new items to keep our teeth clean.





Tuesday, March 5, at McCutcheon High School, the Greater Lafayette Commerce sponsored a fantastic event! We honored the 2019 Golden Apple winners, all from TSC, including one of our own, Mrs. Meyers, 1st grade teacher! It was a proud TSC moment for sure! TSC's Food Service Department did the catering. It was fabulous. And now it's already time to look ahead to next year's awards!


Nominations for the 2020 Golden Apple Awards are open now until April 15, 2019.  Please use the button below to access the nomination form or go to the Greater Lafayette Commerce website: and find the Golden Apple nomination form from there. Anyone can submit a nomination. It's an online form so nothing to print and mail, just complete the online form and click submit!

All K-12 teachers across Tippecanoe County are eligible every year. 


Wea Ridge to host Kindergarten Roundup

Wea Ridge Elementary School will host Kindergarten Roundup for the 2019-2020 school year from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Wednesday, April 10.

Parents/guardians enrolling an incoming kindergarten student must contact the school at 765-471-9321 as soon as possible to begin the registration process.

Families need to provide the school office with the child's official birth certificate or current passport (no photo copies, hospital certificates or baptismal certificates will be accepted), immunization record and proof of residency. All documents need to be received in the office prior to April 2. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.

Children must be five years of age on or before August 1, 2019 to be eligible for enrollment in kindergarten. If a parent feels the child is not emotionally mature enough for exposure to the school environment, the family may wait a year before enrolling. 




Dear Parent or Guardian, 


We are often asked if a parent can submit a teacher request on behalf of their student.  If you would like to make a request for the 2019-2020 school year, please fill out the google sheet via the blue button below or print out the attached document, complete and return to the school.  All request are required in writing or the Google Form and must be sent to the school's office no later than April 12, 2019.   Keep in mind that the request does not guarantee placement. 




On March 18, 2019 all third grade students at Wea Ridge Elementary School will be taking the IREAD3 Test. This test is used as a basic measure of your child's ability to read. Passing this test is a determination in most cases for passing into fourth grade.  A copy of a parent letter and a sample page should have come home with your child.  Your child's teacher will/has been in contact with you regarding your child's progress this school year in reading. Please work closely with her and continue to make reading a priority in your home.


If your child has chapped lips, please send chapstick with them.  Students can keep chapstick with them throughout the day!


Students with vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed skin rashes, eye drainage or fever over 100 degrees should not attend school.  Students exhibiting these symptoms at school will be sent home.


With vomiting and diarrhea, the school nurse will evaluate any associated circumstances and other symptoms before making an exclusion decision.  Children vomit for reasons other than illness, including coughing, stress, exertion, reflux and food intolerance.


Students with vomiting, diarrhea, or fever over 100 should not return to school until the symptoms have resolved without medication for 24 hours.


Students with pink eye may return to school with a doctor's note.  Skin rashes should be reported to your school nurse.  Students with diagnosed skin rashes should present medical documentation from a physician to the health office.


Please remember with all of these exclusion criteria that our job is to facilitate students remaining in school.  Our goal is to have the child miss as little class time as possible!


Please take a few minutes to review the TSC Wellness Policy. Outlined in the policy are goals set by the TSC board in an effort to enable students to establish good health and nutrition habits.
1. Click this link: and
2. Click on "8000" beside "operations"
3. Click on "8510" beside "wellness"



The following student's art work has been chosen to represent Wea Ridge Elementary School at the upcoming Youth Art Exhibit.


Sarenity Marcum-K
Evie Brendel-K
Camila Banuelos-1
Austin Jordan-1
Hailiy Nicholas-2
Ethan Stevenson-2
Braiten Patton-3
Jackson Lancaster-4
Tradell Marzette-4
Isabella Iles-5

The exhibit runs for 1 month, from March 1 through March 29th at the Northend Community Center on Elmwood Avenue.

Schkool Lunch with apple

School Lunch:


Fast food is not permitted in the cafeteria at Wea Ridge. If you are coming to have lunch with your student you may order a hot lunch by calling ahead to the office the morning of your visit or bringing a sack lunch from home. TSC and school policy states that any food purchased as "carryout" is considered "fast food".


We love to have guests eat lunch with us! It is $2.70/Adult and $1.90/Child. Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy does not allow us to charge a guest lunch on a students account. We accept cash or checks. Please be aware, that we are not allowed to give change back, so the correct amount is appreciated.


Thanks so much! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the school office at 765-471-9321

caution sign

Continued CAUTION! 


At this time, some of our playground equipment is not safe for our children to play on.  We have put warning signs up and have taped off the equipment.  The maintenance department is working to make the playground safe for the children.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

playgound equipment

Stay informed of weather delays and closings

Snow, fog and other conditions can cause a delay to the start of our school day. Make sure you are signed up for TSC alerts and notifications so you will be informed about a change in the regular school schedule.

Families can receive instant messages via email or text from the TSC through our website. Click on the "Parents" tab at the top and look for the link to "TSC Alerts & Notifications" with instructions on how to create an account. Make sure you are signed up for the "TSC alerts, delays and closings" option, not just for your school's news and alerts.

A delay or cancellation will also be posted on our websites. You will get a pop-up message as soon as you go to the TSC or any TSC school website.

TSC officials notify numerous media outlets if there has been a change to the regular school schedule. These media outlets include, but are not limited to, 105.3 FM-WKOA, 98.7 FM-WASK, WLFI-TV 18, 96.5 FM-WAZY, Journal & Courier and Indianapolis TV stations.

Several factors are considered when making the decision to delay or cancel school. They include road conditions, temperatures, the ability to safely operate buses and the condition of our buildings and parking lots. To learn more, check out the responses to these Frequently Asked Questions.


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