Wea Ridge


September 22, 2017

Timberwolf Tales


September 26th

Field Trip

Wea Orchard & Battleground

Nature Center



September 29th

Field Trip

Feast of the Hunter's Moon

Grade 4


 October 3rd
PTO - Restaurant Night

Pink Walrus 5pm - 8pm
All Grades

October 4th
Illustrator Scott Magoon to visit 
All Grades

 October 10th
Picture retakes
All Grades

October 12th

Field Trip

Fire Show at Jeff High School and YMCA 
Grade 2


October 13th
PTO Family Fun Night 6pm - 8pm
All Grades


October 16th - 20th
Parent - Teacher conferences
All Grades


October 19th
Fanny May Sale Begins
All Grades


October 20th
Field Trip - SIA
Grade 5


October 27th & 30th
Fall Break
All Grades


October 31st
Fanny May Sales End
All Grades




  • Restaurant Night: PINK WALRUS      October 3, 2017


  • Family Fun Night will be on 10/13/17 from 6pm to 8pm.  Come join the fun! There will be a bounce house, pizza, drinks, and Kona Ice!


  • Parent volunteers needed for parent/teacher conferences to help with the book fair on 10/17 and 10/18.  Please contact Lindsey Piechnik at or the school office to volunteer.


  • Candle orders will be distributed during parent/teacher conferences.  Parent volunteers are needed during the school day starting at noon on Friday, October 13th to help sort and deliver to classrooms.  Please contact Dana Blanchard at to volunteer.


  • Fanny May candy sales to begin on 10/19/17!  Look for more information to come home soon.


  • Mark your calendar for movie night on 11/17/17.  More details to come. 


  • NEXT MEETING - Monday, October 9th 6:00 pm









Fall Weather

This means cooler weather! Please make sure your child has a jacket or sweatshirt for outdoor recess. We will be going outside as much as possible.

Recent studies show that outside play helps to develop the
prefrontal cortex. It calms anxiety and refocuses the brain. Sweatshirts and jackets should accompany students to school and recess. Please label your child's belongings either inside the pocket, cuff or on a tag
so that when they misplace them we can return them! Talk to your child about the need to be proactive in dressing for the weather! Thank you for partnering with us to keep your child safe and active!


Rude, Mean, or Bullying?


At Wea Ridge Elementary we aim to provide and encourage a safe and supportive learning environment. Communicating the importance of treating people right, is something we do on a daily basis. I will be visiting each classroom over the next few weeks to present lessons on bullying prevention. Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice ways to handle bullying situations. With the increasing awareness of the negative effects of bullying, it is important that we have a clear understanding of what bullying is and what is isn't. I am hopeful that these three words can help all of us better identify rude, mean, and bullying behaviors.


When someone accidentally says or does something hurtful, that's rude

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they do it once or maybe twice, that's mean

When someone says or does something intentionally hurtful, that is repeated over time, and there is an imbalance in power, that's bullying.


Let's choose kindness.

"Be the reason someone smiles today." 


What's in Your Backpack?


When your child gets home from school, start a discussion about their day by asking the simple question "What's in your backpack?" You'll soon discover that this simple question will lead to a whole discussion about what happened at school.

Open your child's backpack and go through each paper, having them explain what they did while it is fresh in their mind.
Make specific comments about each paper, which will help your child feel proud about their school work.
Have your child walk through each paper and talk about what he/she learned.

Study Smart


Help your child develop studying skills by using these tips:

Have your child study every day, regardless if there is a test or homework due. If they have a spelling test every Friday, have them study their words for a few minutes each day. By doing so, your child will develop a good study habit.
Use his/her favorite form of technology to help them study. For instance, if they love the iPad have them download an app. There are a lot of great apps to download to help students study their spelling words, such as "Spelling City" or "Super Speller." If there favorite from of technology is using the computer, have them play a game on the internet that correlates with what they are learning in school.
When teachers and parents take the time to build strong relationships, children win. Even with the demand of tight schedules, technology is here to save the day and allows for everyone involved to be able to communicate in an instant. With a little bit of effort on both sides, families and schools alike can connect, and in the process students will do better in school and in life.


Mark your calendars for school picture retakes on 10/10/17.


Coats for Kids

The 7th Annual Salvation Army Coats for Kids Drive/Winter Warm up October 28th from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the Washington Education Center, 1100 Elizabeth Street, Lafayette, Indiana 47904.

Last year, with sponsors and community support, Salvation Army helped deliver 1,400 coats to children in need!


For our Lifeline for September, we will be talking about SELF CONTROL- Control exercised over one's self.


Teaching children self-control is one of the most important things a parent can do for their kids. Some studies suggest that a child's level of self-discipline at a young age can predict how successful – and happy – he will be later in life, and while some might argue against such findings, the facts remain the same: if you take the time to teach your child strategies for self-control now, you will be setting him up for long-term success at school, work, in his personal life, and beyond.

From managing impulsive behavior, resisting distractions, and learning the art of delayed gratification, to regulating emotions in the face of conflict and feelings of discomfort, self-regulatory behavior is key to success in all areas of our lives, and since children with poor self-control tend to exhibit more behavioral problems than their self-disciplined peers, teaching children self-control is more important than parents might think.

Here are SIX strategies to teach children self-control.


1. Be clear about rules and expectations

This is especially important in young children. By explaining what the rules are, what's expected, and what is and isn't appropriate, and taking the time to give your child regular reminders, you are setting him up for success. The easier the rules are, and the more consistently you reinforce them, the easier it is for your kids to meet your expectations.


2. Follow a predictable routine

We all know that kids thrive on consistency, and getting your children used to a predictable routine will not only help with the transition to full-day school, but also help set expectations as to what is expected throughout the day. By setting clear boundaries around different activities – learning, independent play, outdoor time, quiet time, eating, etc. – you can help teach the different types of self-regulation needed in the classroom and beyond.


3. Remind! Remind! Remind!

The younger a child is, the more easily (s)he can (and will) be distracted, so taking the time to give him reminders at regular intervals will go a long way in helping him learn the art of self-control.


4. Use positive reinforcement

Reinforcement is a fabulous technique parents and caregivers can use to increase the likelihood that a child will repeat a desirable behavior, and while both positive and negative forms of reinforcement can help with teaching children self-control, research tends to suggest that positive  reinforcement is the most effective. Sticker charts are a simple, yet effective, form of positive reinforcement that can be extremely motivating for kids. 

5. Always follow through!

As parents, we often hear about the importance of being consistent and following through with consequences. If you fail to follow through, your child won't take you seriously, learn accountability, or figure out the difference between right and wrong. And while this makes perfect sense, what many parents forget is that the same holds true for rewards. If we neglect to make good on our promises, we take away the motivation our children need to make positive changes to their behavior, which can significantly impact our ability to teach our children self-control and self-discipline.

6. Model positive behavior

Another important, yet often overlooked parenting strategy is the importance of being a good role model. Our children look up to us, and oftentimes want to mimic every single thing we do, and when we take the time to actively demonstrate our own self-regulatory behavior, we are setting our kids up for success. Thinking before acting, practicing deep breathing, being kind and compassionate to others, and using appropriate language to express our feelings are all positive ways to teach your child self-regulating behaviors to help develop self-control.


Here are some videos that might provide you and your child with some great conversation about this month's life skills! Enjoy!


Me want it (But me wait)--

Second Steps: Calm down--


Super Saturday Offerings


The Fall Super Saturday program allows parents to learn with their students in fun, engaging, and challenging courses. Parents also learn helpful strategies for working with their gifted student. We would love to see families from TSC participate! Registration is officially open until September 23rd, but classes fill up quickly! Financial aid may be available for those who qualify.  

G1-2 Mighty Writers & Superb Storytellers (9am -1pm, $60): This creative nonfiction course will allow students to unearth their communication skills by mastering the art of sensory storytelling and self-expression. Students will be play writing, acting in small group activities, and designing their own elevator pitches to gain experience for real-world interactions.


G3-5 Back to the Roots (9am-3pm, $70) : Did you know that more than 75% of Modern English vocabulary comes from other languages? In this course, students will learn about the roots of English words through map activities, expand their vocabulary and learn about history simultaneously.
G3-5 Riparian Researchers (9am-3pm, $70) : Are you interested in ecology? Guided by a Hoosier Riverwatch instructor, students and parents will explore a stream habitat, discuss water quality, perform chemical analysis, and identify stream insects!


Register at and you can find more info at


Holiday Assistance Programs


The LUM Annual Community Thanksgiving Celebration is a true community event, where everyone is welcome to enjoy a warm meal, fellowship, and musical entertainment.

Date: Thursday, November 23, 2017
Time: Noon – 2:00 p.m.
Place: Central Presbyterian Church, 31 N. 7th Street, Downtown Lafayette (Adjacent to the Tippecanoe County Public Library) Social Hall Entrance is on 7th Street


The Community Christmas Day Dinner Committee, in conjunction with its major sponsor the Lyn Treece Boys and Girls Club, will provide a FREE dinner to ANYONE in the Greater Lafayette community. The Dinner will be held at Jefferson High School on Wednesday December 25th. Doors open at 10:30am and dinner will be served from 11am to 2pm. All Children under the age of 12 can visit Santa's toy room and pick out a bit of Christmas Cheer. In addition, homebound individuals can call 765-420-1647 before 1pm to have a meal delivered.


Lafayette Urban Ministry: Jubilee Christmas

Walk-ins/Phone registration will be taken 10/16-10/18 from 4:30p-7:30p

What information you need to give LUM:

●       Name and date of birth for everyone living in your household

●       Address, phone number, email address

●       Food stamp, TANF or Medicaid case number

○       or a copy of your child's current free lunch acceptance letter

○       or proof of entire household income

Salvation Army

Walk-ins will be taken 11/6-11/10 from 9:00a-3:00p

Please bring:

●       Photo ID

●       Social Security Cards for each family member in household

●       Proof of income (Medicaid card, food stamps card, disability voucher, pay stub, etc)

●       Birth Certificates for children or Medicaid cards with birth date printed on it


Faith Christmas for Everyone

Registrations will be taken beginning 10/30-11/1 & 11/9-11/10 at the Downtown Tippecanoe County Library and 11/2 - 11/8 at Faith Community Center East.

Please bring:

●       Photo ID

Proof of income (Medicaid card, food stamps card, disability voucher, pay stub, etc)      



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