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December 21, 2017    Volume 13 Number 7



Message from the Principal

Mike Pinto


Happy Holidays from Cole Elementary School! We have reached the end of the first semester and have earned a two-week vacation.  School will resume on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  Until then, please have a wonderful holiday. Be safe. Be present with your family and friends. Be grateful for all that we all have. It has been a great first semester. Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement of our staff. See you all in 2018!

Picture of a balance

Communication to School:  


We are working on finding a school-home balance for students, parents, and staff. To that end, we are working on fine-tuning our approach to communication to school. The proposed changes below will be appearing in next year's Student-Parent Handbook. Please take a look over and offer any thoughts you might have to Mr. Pinto. Thank you for your continued support and efforts to allow all of us to stay informed, feel informed, and find balance.


At James Cole Elementary, we feel that children are best served when there is open and direct communication between school and home.  We also strive for balance. We offer a variety of methods to communicate, including phone calls, emails, and handwritten notes.  If there is a question about your child, please begin with the classroom teacher.  He/she has the most direct knowledge of your child's academic and social-emotional needs. 

During the school day, any phone calls made to the classroom will go directly into the classroom teacher's voicemail to limit interruptions to classroom instruction. Therefore, during school hours, it is best practice to call the office so that the message can be directed to its destination. Teachers check voicemails before and after school and during their daily prep time. 

Emails are also a direct route to teachers.  Emails that are received during school hours will be read before and after school and during the teacher's daily prep time.  Emails received after school hours in many cases will be read the following school day.  Emails received during the weekend will be read when the school week begins again. This pause allows our teachers to be mindful of their own personal and family needs.  A response can be expected with 24 hours of the message being received.  If a teacher shares a personal cell phone number, please work within the parameters established to ensure a healthy communication balance.

The school and some classrooms offer a variety of social media platforms as well that can help you peek into your child's life at school.  Please follow these and limit comments to those that are positive in nature.  We are modeling for our children best practices and behaviors.  

Finally, you are encouraged to sign up for email and text alerts from the Tippecanoe School Corporation through its website, to utilize the Cole and classroom websites, and to check your child's grades on the Parent Portal to stay informed.  In the end, the best communication between school and home begins with the classroom teacher.  By working together, communication will be both timely and sufficient to meet the needs of everyone working to educate your child.

Picture of a white microwave sitting on a counter

Microwaving Meals at Lunch

In a perfect world we would have 20 microwaves lining the cafeteria so students could bring their lunch and heat it up.  Even if we could do that, we also have little ones without the skills of knowing to not add metal containers to the microwaves or how long to heat something up (At Cole, we think these are all good pieces to becoming Cole Professionals, so something to work on at home for sure).  We also don't have the manpower to do this for children. So, please help us by sending your child's lunch in containers that keep warmth and do not require heating up.  We strive for the dining experience to be the best it can be at Cole. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate the heating up of student lunches. Thank you for your understanding and for your assistance.

Picture of McCutcheon Senior Basketball Player, Robert Phinissee, who is an IU scholarship signee and recently scored his 1000th careeer pohnt holding a basketball in his right arm which is in a flex position.

McCutcheon Basketball Free Admission! 

Red square with a circle in the middle of yellow and white alernativing dots.  Inside written in block letters are the words McCutcheon Cheerleading. Inbetween McCutcheon and Cheerleading in gold cursive letters is the word "Mavericks"

McCutcheon Cheerleading Mini Mavs Winter Clinic


Calling all Mini Mavs!! Join the McCutcheon High School Cheerleaders at the Winter Clinic! The MHS Cheerleaders are excited to have YOU!


Who: Anyone in grades K-5. Please wear shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes to the clinic.


When: Friday, January 19th, 2018. The clinic is from 5-8pm in the McCutcheon High School Gym. Enter McCutcheon through the athletic entrance on the south side of the building. Mini Mavs perform at halftime of the boys Varsity game on Saturday evening, January 20th.


Cost: $35 Includes: t-shirt, hair bow, snack at the clinic, cheer instruction, student admission to the basketball game, & a whole lot of FUN! There will be hair bows ($1-$10) and t-shirts ($2) and keychains ($5) for sale at the clinic! Cash, check, and cards are accepted!


Registration: Absolutely NO late registration will be accepted. Registration must be received by Tuesday, January 9th, 2018. No refunds. Please submit one form for each child attending.

·         Make checks payable to McCutcheon Cheerleading and mail the bottom portion of this form to:        McCutcheon Cheerleading

4951 US 231 S

Lafayette, IN 47909


Contact: MHS Cheer Coach, Katelyn Cole.


----------------------------------Detach and retain top portion for your information-----------------------------------


Mini Mav Winter 2018 Cheer Clinic Registration


Student Name__________________________________________________________________


Student School____________________________________ Grade__________________


Student Allergies________________________________________________________________


Emergency Contact Name________________________________________________________


Phone Number_________________________________________________________________





T-shirt Size (Circle One):    Youth S    Youth M    Youth L     Adult S  Adult M     Adult L     Adult XL



I give permission for my child to participate in the Mini Mav Winter Clinic.



_________________________________________________________                  ____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                

Navy Blue square.  TSC Logo centered vertically on left side. (underneath the logo in small white letters is written Crisis Response Team)  Next to it in big white letters SEE Underneath "Something"  Underneath something are these words in yellow "Say Something". Represents the concept of "See Something; Say Something" as a safety measure

See Something; Say Something


School safety is everyone's concern. One simple phrase to keep in your brain is "See Something; Say Something". This concept applies to not only school but home safety as well. If something doesn't seem right and you see it; say something. It may not be anything, but what if it was? Please begin using this phrase with your children. It will give them the permission when something isn't quite right to speak up. We're all in this together and simple phrases like this assist our efforts.

Words "What's Your Plan?" wirtten on a white board easel.

What's Your Plan?

What is your plan if your child were to get off the bus and no one was home? Does he/she have a way into the house? Is there a neighbor nearby? What if the neighbor is not home?Please take time to speak with your child about your family plan for this event because it may happen - especially as the weather begins to turn cold and the possibility of an early release always looms out there. Can your child safely enter your house? What is your plan?

Counseling Update


Text 765-742-0244

Teen Texting Program with Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County

IU Health Arnett has partnered with Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County to bring suicide prevention resources to our teens.  Indiana ranks second in the nation of the number of attempted suicides by teenagers. Knowing that the preferred method of communication is texting, we see the need to provide a local resource for teens to text when feeling stressed or suicidal.  Studies show that if a suicide is prevented and ends in medical care,  70 percent of the time there will not be further attempts at suicide.

The Safe2Talk texts are responded to by employees and volunteers of Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County (MHA). All texts are responded to in seconds and the line is staffed 24/7. MHA staff and volunteers go through an extensive assessment and successfully complete 40 hours of classroom training,  as well as on-the-job preparation.  Safe2Talk is certified as a crisis center by the American Association of Suicidality as part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Only the best practices, policies, and procedures are used.

In association with the Safe 2Talk initiative all TSC Administrators and school counselors have been trained in QPR.  QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer. These are three steps anyone can learn to help prevent suicide. This training session teaches attendees how to recognize the warning signs and risk factors associated with suicidal thoughts and when to utilize QPR. Just like CPR, QPR is an emergency response to someone in crisis and can save lives. This training is recognized by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration as an evidence-based training.

Safe2Talk is a collaborative effort of IU Health Arnett and Mental Health of America of Tippecanoe County, in an effort to address a top need identified through IU Health's Community Health Needs Assessment.

For additional information please contact the TSC School Counselor in your respective school or contact Mental Health America of Tippecanoe County at 765-742-1800.

Digital Citizenship Image with search, lock, key as a visual

Digital Citizenship

"One thing a computer does better than a human - it remembers everything! Whatever you put into a computer or a cell phone is there forever." Ashley Greeley, guest speaker, Cole Professional Academy

Raising citizens in the digital world is important. It's also something that requires a lot of talking points for you as parents. Using Ms. Greeley's words may help you as you navigate these waters with your child. When asked at the last Cole Professional Academy how many students have cell phones, all but a few hands raised into the air.  Just like driver's education where we learned how to parallel park and merge into traffic, cell phones must require some attention and teaching. Consider using these points as you move forward with your children.

Black frame. Inside the words "Health Office" written with Health on top and Office underneath. Red Cross underneath which is the symbol for Red Cross/Health. In top right corner of the interior of the frame is a band-aid.

From the Health Office


I have recently been in contact with several parents about immunizations that still need to be recorded at the school level. If you have any questions regarding your child and his/her status with immunization, please do not hesitate to contact the school and ask for me. I am happy to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

Kathy Hudgins, RN

Food Finders logo with Food Finders in black with "Rescuing Food, Reducing Hunger" underneath with an apple above.

Cole Weekend Food Program.

Did you know that one-in-four Tippecanoe School Corporation children are free lunch eligible? The face of hunger has changed over the past few years.  At Cole Elementary we have children headed home to empty pantries.  For these children, school breakfast and lunch are their primary nutrition source.  With this awareness, a group of Cole community members and the Cole PTO are joining with Food Finders to provide a weekly supply of food to 18 children.

Thanks to the buying power and donations of Food Finders Food Bank, it costs only $5 per child, per week to provide up to 10 pounds of 'kid friendly' and nutritious food for the weekend.  Although many schools receive state grant support, the Cole program will be funded entirely through private donations and volunteer efforts.  Participants are selected based on the National Free Lunch program and the school staff's awareness of each child's situation

We believe no child should go without food over the weekend.  Our goal is to serve at least 12 students children next school year.  You can play a role in achieving that goal by sponsoring a child.

YES I'd like to help! (Your donations are tax deductible)

$200 sponsors a child for a full school year.
$100 sponsors a child for a semester (including a special pack for Christmas and Spring Break)
$45 sponsors a child for one 9-week grading period
$20 sponsors a child for a month
___ every $5 sponsors a child for one week.

The Cole PTO, Cole Staff, and Cole Student Council have all pledged $200 for a full school year donation.  We are hoping the local churches will sponsor a child as well.  Please make checks payable to Food Finders Food Bank with Cole Elementary in the notes field.  Your donations (with this form) can be returned to the school or mailed to Food Finders Food Bank at 50 Olympia Court; Lafayette, IN 47909.  NOTE: Food Finders will issue you a receipt for tax purposes IF you provide your return address information.


Donation Amount: $___________ Name: ___________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Email: ______________________ Phone Number: ____________________________________

Thank you in advance for your support!

Please be sure to include "Cole Elementary" in the notes section of your check.  Questions can be directed to Mike Pinto (


Image for TSCINtegrate. Image contains a gold torch surrounded by a dark and light blue swoosh. At the bottom of the swoosh is a small gold star. Underneath is the word INtegrate with the IN capitalized and the A replaced with a figure of a person standing with arms and legs out.  At the bottom of the graphic written in yellow are the words: Serve Inspire Transform

Enjoy the Holidays with a Healthy Lifestyle!

Some simple tips that can help you through the holidays:

  • Don't take on more than you can handle.
  • Ask for help from everyone who is part of your holiday.
  • Get enough good sleep/rest.
  • Eat moderately.
  • Exercise regularly 


Rectangular symbol. Inside wirtten in what appears to be chalk are the capital letters PTO. Inside the O is a red apple.

Cole PTO

It's hard to believe that we are already looking at the 2018-2019 school year, but we are. We have a PTO meeting at 6:00 on February 6 in the Kelley Library. At that meeting we will be electing officers for next year. So far the following list of parents have stepped forward:

President: Jasmine Reed

Vice-President: Crysta Kas

Secretary:  Emily Flynn

Treasurer: Brian Eaton

If you are interested in adding yourself to this list, please contact Mr. Pinto or current president, Julie Cummings.  We will still need many hands next year to serve as committee chairpersons as well.  

Symbol for Cole Professional Academy. The symbol is a black solid circle. Inside the circle is a Capital C that has the bottom fourth green. The remaining portion of the C is white with black strips.  Underneath in black is the word COLE in capital and bold face. Underneath this is a line and written underneath in a small font are the words Professional Academy

Cole Professional Academy

Another successful Cole Professional Academy was held this month. Our conversation centered around Personal Safety. Our guest speakers covered topics ranging from drug use and its effect on your body and your professional future, how to call 911, your digital footprint and Internet safety, and how to hold a respectful, professional conversation with law enforcement and military personnel. The Cole Professional Academy continues to offer our students a wide range of knowledge that would otherwise not necessarily come their way.  We continue to appreciate all the support offered to this program and the efforts of the staff and community to make these days a reality.

January 19:     Community Service/Service to Others

February 23:    Personal Integrity

March 2:     Success at Home (Money/Time Management)

April 24:          Cole Professional Academy Graduation

Image of the theme for Cole for 2017-2018 based on the picture book ISH by Peter Reynolds. It has a cartoon boy in blue jeans and red shirt running with a paint brush. As if writing on the wall, above him in cursive letters is the word Cole. The letter e extends out and continues to his brush.  Underneath is written the words "Story by Cole Cubs"

Big Events - Plan For Them Now

April 24: Cole Professional Academy Graduation

May 1: Grade 4 and 5 Pond Day

May 2: Grade 3 to Fair Oaks Farms

May 3: Grade 5 Chicago Trip

May 10 & 11: Grade 4 to Camp Tecumseh overnight

May 11: Grade 5 to Martell Forest

May 11: First Grade Mother's Day Tea

May 14: Fifth Grade Celebration

May 16: Third Grade Wax Museum

May 18: Kindergarten Celebration

May 22: Field Day

May 23: Awards Day: 1st & 2nd (9:30); 3rd & 4th (10:15)

May 24: Talent Show *Subject to Change

A line of different colored rectangles in the shape of a building (representing books) is across the top. Underneath the words Tippecanoe Count in small letters. Underneath it PUBLIC LIBRARY in capital bold letters.

Book Mobile

The Book Mobile runs twice a week to Stockwell and Clarks Hill.  Teach visit the Book Mobile stops at 9510 Pearl Street in Clarks Hill (The Church) from 6:30-7:00 and 6931 Church Street in Stockwell (The Church) from 7:15-7:45


January 8 and 22

February 5 and 19

March 5 and 19

April 2, 16, and 30

May 14

Drawn image of nine arms extended skyward at different heights in colors ranging from pruple, red, orange, yellow, green in different shades. At the bottom of the graphic is the word Volunteer written in white block letters.

Volunteer Information

As per Tippecanoe School Corporation Policy 8120 – Volunteers, each volunteer who is in direct contact with students will be required to submit a Limited Criminal History Record Check in order to volunteer within the school. Any chaperone who wishes to attend a field trip must also have a completed and approved Limited Criminal History Record Check as well. These forms are available on the TSC website and have been sent home already. Please contact Kelly Kesterson in the Cole Office if you have any questions.

Image of  TSC E-Flyers. Square Black Box. Inside in light color is the official TSC logo. Offset to the right at an angle is a flyer in green with an image of a man in a white shirt and gray tie. Underneath in cursive letters is the word Community Organizations.


TSC supports 'green' efforts and as such to help ensure students receive information about community services or events, flyers from non-profit outside organizations are posted online in a section called E-Flyers. All E-Flyers can be accessed from any TSC School Website: by clicking the 'students' or 'parents' link in the upper right hand corner of the webpage. E-Flyers will be posted on the 15th and 30th of the month so be sure to check regularly for newly posted information. If your qualifying organization is interested in posting an E-Flyer, go to E-Flyers section to submit the information.

TSC Official Logo: State of Indiana with 1962 written across bottom third. TSC across the mid section of Indiana from left to right in large Blue letters. A STAR indicating location of Tippecanoe County. Tippecanoe School Corporation written in circular fashion around the inner portion of the circle that houses the majority of the state of Indiana and completes the logo.

Register for TSC Alerts and Notifications
With the launch of the new TSC websites, the TSC and each of its schools will be transitioning away from Pinwheel for SMS (text) alerts and notifications and will instead utilize the communication options available within the new website. Parents/guardians, staff, and students can sign in to the website and register to receive alerts, calendar reminders, athletic updates, and more.


James Cole Elementary School written in alternative Green and yellow lettering in a child's block lettering. Underneath is "Don't Squish our Ish" written in multi-color.  Underneath is a child with a paint brush running with the word 'ish" painted in the sky from the brush.

Yearbook Cover Winner

Congratulations to Marley Dale whose yearbook cover design will adorn the Cole Yearbook for this school year.  Wyatt Cummings's drawing will adorn the back of the yearbook. Thank you to Mrs. Furbush for offering our students this opportunity. Nice job, Marley and Wyatt!

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