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TSC Facility Usage Requests

The School Board believes that the school facilities of this Corporation should be made available for community purposes, provided that such use does not infringe on the original and necessary purpose of the property or interfere with the educational program of the schools. The Board will permit the use of school facilities when such permission has been requested in writing by a responsible organization or a group of citizens and has been approved by the Superintendent or designee. The use of Corporation grounds and facilities shall not be granted for private social functions or any purpose which is prohibited by law.


1. Any organization or individual desiring to use Corporation facilities shall complete a Facility Usage Agreement Permit and submit it to the Building Principal of the requested school or for corporation facilities to the Director of Buildings and Grounds for approval at least thirty (30) days before the requested date of use.

2. The use of all school or corporation facilities for any purpose shall be initiated by a responsible member of the organization requesting the permit. A responsible member is defined as a person, at least 21 years of age, who is a real property owner in the school district and who is financially responsible.

3. The Building Principal or designee, or Director of Buildings and Grounds shall then notify the applicant of the denial or acceptance and the fees involved within ten (10) business days.

4. If approved, the estimated rental and custodial fees are payable to the Tippecanoe School Corporation three (3) days in advance of the facility's use.

5. Proof of liability insurance is required prior to approval.