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Curricular Material Selection

Public Law 73-2011 altered state and local textbook adoption procedures. Under this law, Indiana no longer follows a strict six-year cycle for materials adoption. Other than the requirement to adopt a core-reading program in elementary schools, adoption of new materials is optional, and districts have discretion to continue to use current materials beyond the six-year cycle without needing a waiver from the state. With the exception of elementary reading, the State Board of Education no longer produces a list of approved textbooks from which districts must choose.  Thus, local school districts determine their own materials review process, purchasing cycles, and criteria for selection of new materials (both print and digital)
The Tippecanoe School Corporation follows a six-year adoption cycle. Teachers review the most current Indiana Academic Standards before evaluating instructional materials. The Wabash Valley Educational Center (WVEC) provides an Indiana Textbook Caravan each year where publishers provide their latest materials. Additionally, the TSC hosts events for district administrators and content area teachers to meet with publishers of interest.  Digital samples are available for review by accessing the appropriate links below.  If you have any questions or wish to review a physical copy of a text, please contact their child's school. 
Once materials have been evaluated, recommendations are presented to the TSC Board of Trustees for approval.

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