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Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Christy Fraley

Assistant Superintendent for Elementary C & I

Lisa Brooks

Secretary - Executive

Kirk Booe

Assistant Superintendent for Secondary C & I

Christa Osborn

Secretary - Executive

TSC Central Office

21 Elston Road
Lafayette, IN 47909
(765) 474-2481

Four members of the Curriculum and Instruction Department - Elementary and Secondary

The Curriculum and Instruction Department supports over 13,000 students each day by providing leadership, oversight, and collaborative decision making processes to each school building in our district. We strive to maximize the funds our public school receives in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

The Curriculum and Instruction Department supports the academic programming in the district. These areas include: Curriculum Development, Curricular Material Utilization, Instructional Coaching, English as a New Language Programming and Instructional Support, Grant Writing and Management (Including Title I, Title II, Title III Grants), Principal Support K-12, Oversight of Career and Technical Education Programming, Oversight of Alternative Education, State Assessments, and District Instructional Technology.

The Tippecanoe School Corporation follows the Indiana Academic Standards as its core curriculum, which specifies the minimum expectations for learning in all grades and disciplines. Locally-developed additions to the curriculum serve to expand and enrich these state-wide measures of performance. The core curriculum is fluid and flexible, responding to the learning needs of students and affected by new information and technologies. Therefore, the Tippecanoe School Corporation curriculum is constantly undergoing periodic and systematic analysis and revision.