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SEEDS:  Supporting Educators Entering District Service

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” – Nelson Henderson

SEEDS - Supporting Educators Entering District Service - Green Tree and SEEDS in green


SEEDS is an innovative, non-evaluative, two-year induction program for K-12 educators in Tippecanoe School Corporation that will grow the confidence and capacity of new hires joining the district by providing holistic and multi-layered support, aimed at improving all aspects of the TSC experience.

The Objective of SEEDS is to equip educators with personal, practical, and professional resilience that will sustain them through their early years in the district and beyond, increasing job satisfaction, self-efficacy, and investment in the quest to shape their identity as educators.

SEEDS has two focus points for those in their first year with TSC, tailored to each individual’s needs and years of prior experience:

  • Navigating: SEEDS will help Year 1 participants successfully navigate the complex landscape of their new role in education.
  • Creating: SEEDS will assist Year 1 participants as they begin to create an authentic and impactful presence in their classroom, school, and district.

Here is a preview of services offered to you through SEEDS during your first year with TSC, some automatic and others available as-needed:

  • Branch 1: Personal Support (email check-ins, affirmative observations, mentoring,  moral support, listening/coaching/advising, …)
  • Branch 2: Collaborative Support (colleague connections, optional PD, master teacher connections, strategy sharing, interactive chat board, …)
  • Branch 3: Professional Support (PPFs, resource curation, guest lessons, professional readings, sub coverage, …)
  • Branch 4: District Support (leadership connections, newsletters, financial resources, technology, corporation procedures, …)
  • Branch 5: Licensing Support (LVIS navigation, PGP options, gathering documentation, IDOE connections, CPR, …)

SEEDS has two focus points for those in their second year with TSC:

  • Goal-Setting: SEEDS will help those in their second year identify areas where refinement is needed, leading to goals supported by action steps to attain that refinement.
  • Developing Teacher Leadership: SEEDS will encourage the growth of individual voice within and beyond the classroom to increase impact and fulfillment.