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Student Services

Dr. Bea Younker

Director of Student Services

Angela Haan-Cloud

Secretary - Corporation

Laurie Harlow

Secretary - Corporation

TSC Central Office

21 Elston Road
Lafayette, IN 47909
(765) 474-2481

Student Services Department

Welcome to the Tippecanoe School Corporation Department of Student Services! The Department of Student Services works in collaboration on grant writing and management of the corporation's Title I, Title III, and High Ability programs. We also coordinate state-mandated testing and work with the corporation's Instructional Team. Areas of responsibility include: Title I Grant; McKinney-Vento; Title III Grant; NESP Grant; corporation testing coordination; High Ability programming (grades K-11); IDEA program (grades K-1); and professional development and organizational support for curricular materials adoptions. The TSC Department of Student Services strives to operate with fiscal responsibility, best practices, integrity, and effectiveness, focusing on management of programming to enhance student achievement.