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Title I Services

Title I is a federally funded program that offers tutoring to identified at risk students in the areas of reading and math. TSC has five participating Title I schools.

    • Dayton Elementary
    • Klondike Elementary
    • Mayflower Mill Elementary
    • Woodland Elementary
    • Wea Ridge Elementary


If you'd like more information on the Indiana State Title I Grant and its process, please visit the IDOE website.


In the Spring of 2016, Tippecanoe School Corporation's Title I program was recognized by that state in the IDOE's "Promising Practices" Awards.



School Improvement Plans

Each year, a committee of parents, teachers, administrators and area community supporters meet to create a plan of action. These visionaries discuss information, ideas, concerns and dreams for their schools and their students' futures. The discussions are honed into an action plan with a list of measurable objects over the course of the coming year. If you'd like to be involved in the committee, please contact your school office for more information. To view the school plan, please click on the links below:

Preschool Provider Night

Tippecanoe School Corporation Title I holds an annual Preschool Provider Night which targets early learning. The purpose of the night is to connect with area preschool providers and focus on Kindergarten Readiness.

Thank you to parents (a child's first teacher) and our area preschool providers for the important role you play in getting children ready to become lifelong learners! A huge thank you to the 32 volunteers for their time to help plan, set-up, and present this year's preschool provider workshop! We wouldn't be able to accomplish this with out your spirit of volunteerism and community support! The world could use countless more people like all of you!

You can explore the materials that have been used during our Preschool Provider Nights by following the links below. Please feel free to use these resources, and pass them on to others.

Integrating Preschooler Movements

Five powerful moves preschoolers should have down that help lay the foundation for enhanced engagement, function and learning.

Making the most with active play

All learning is sensory based. Preschoolers with play and movement lay down important foundation skills for higher level thinking. These motor skills should be practiced and reinforces through active play. Let’s understanding what makes for better integrative motor skills

FIVE moves children should be doing!

  1. Vestibular actions (Vestibular – Spinning (both directions), forward and backwards, right and left, up and down).
  2. Crossing midlines ( body awareness, coordination, breaking out of primitive reflexes that prime the system to start controlling movements)
  3. Visual dexterity
  4. Balance (motor control, strength, using all three systems that support balance)
  5. Fine Finger Fiddles (finger isolation, strengthening, two hands working together in midline)

Idioms in the English Language

ELL/ESL (English Language Learners and English as a Second Language) students and families are the fastest growing population in America. This station was designed to help educators obtain perspective on one of many hurdles that our little ones and their families need help coursing through. The English language is chocked full of colorful sayings and idioms that we use as a common piece of our language base, but imagine if you were the only person in a classroom that had never heard some of these common phrases. Not only do you have to break down the meaning of the words, you have to break down the meaning BEHIND the words to a catch phrase that makes no sense! Well, as educators we have two options, teach them the idioms we use, and their meanings or reduce their use from our language base. Then again, maybe we can do both! Here is the activity we shared for Preschool Provider Night this year.

Idioms Lesson Plan

Community Outreach

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