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Title I Services

Title I is a federally funded program that offers tutoring to identified at risk students in the areas of reading and math. TSC has five participating Title I schools.

  • Dayton Elementary
  • Mayflower Mill Elementary
  • Woodland Elementary
  • Wea Ridge Elementary

If you'd like more information on the Indiana State Title I Grant and its process, please visit the IDOE website.

In the Spring of 2016, Tippecanoe School Corporation's Title I program was recognized by that state in the IDOE's "Promising Practices" Awards.

Foster Care

Point of Contact for Foster Youth for Tippecanoe School Corporation: Megan Ulrich
Children in foster care are some of the most educationally disadvantaged students. Studies show that students in foster care experience: school suspensions and expulsions at higher rates than their peers not in foster care, lower standardized test scores in reading and math, high levels of grade retention and drop-out, and far lower high school and college graduation rates. There is growing evidence that these are symptoms of the trauma. In TSC we work with our local Department of Child Services for best interest placement and supports for our foster youth.

Preschool Provider Night

Tippecanoe School Corporation Title I holds an annual Preschool Provider Night which targets early learning. The purpose of the night is to connect with area preschool providers and focus on Kindergarten Readiness.

Thank you to parents (a child's first teacher) and our area preschool providers for the important role you play in getting children ready to become lifelong learners! A huge thank you to the 32 volunteers for their time to help plan, set-up, and present this year's preschool provider workshop! We wouldn't be able to accomplish this without your spirit of volunteerism and community support! The world could use countless more people like all of you!