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Chromebook Pilot

Students using Chromebooks image

During the 2016-17 school year, one intermediate teacher representing each of the eleven TSC elementary schools was selected to join participate in the Chromebook Pilot. As part of the Pilot, each teacher received a charging cart and a classroom set of Google Chromebooks. The Pilot Teachers attended multiple professional development sessions where they learned best-practice strategies for using the Chromebooks in their classrooms. Additionally, the teachers engaged in ongoing collaboration through a Google+ Community where they shared ideas, questions, and examples. Over the course of the school year, the Pilot Teachers, along with their students, became experts in using Chromebooks, GSuite, Google Classroom, and much more. The teachers provided ongoing feedback to the Technology Department, which proved invaluable as plans were made to expand the model to all intermediate classrooms for the 2017-18 school year. Below are a few resources developed during the Pilot which may prove useful to other TSC teachers.

Meet the Teachers

Katie Luebcke ImageMegan Dunn ImageNatalie Oakley ImageJessica Jones Image
Joecelyn MacLaverty ImageSara Nemtuda ImageChristy Harshbarger ImageAmanda Habben Image
Sara Wright ImageJill Shambach ImageAaron Hamilton Image

Digital tools they've used

What they wish they would've known

  • Teach students more Chromebook shortcuts
  • Set rules on when and how to use the Chromebooks, be strict and consistent
  • Create a classroom “job” as a computer helper
  • More typing practice - typing program
  • I would assign a couple students to be a “technology expert” to be on call to help the class with various questions/problems.
  • I would be more diligent in having the students keep track of their passwords. I have a folder and often have to give them the info again and again. I want them to be self-sufficient.
  • Start with the basics of how to use the Chromebook & what is available on it
  • Set rules on changing backgrounds
  • Classroom experts to help other students
  • Make anchor charts
  • I would not stop myself from trying something new because I’m worried about what could go wrong.
  • Specific times/days that students can change photos and desktop backgrounds. This could be a great reward for mini-economy.
  • Teach keyboard shortcuts
  • I would have attempted to build in some typing practice to avoid continuous “pecking” on the keys.
  • Using Google Classroom in the future I would create a class for each subject to make past posts easier to find.
  • Set parameters for allowing students to change Chromebooks backgrounds and picture.
  • Take some of the Certified Educator Training courses online over the summer.
  • Have students practice carrying the chromebook, really emphasize the importance of not touching the screen.
  • Ask for donations of Clorox wipes and technology screen cleaners.
  • Have students organize files at the beginning of the year.
  • Make anchor charts as problems arise.
  • Assign some tech helper students.
  • I would have assigned a partner to each student as a resource to ask questions to for Chromebook support.
  • I would have assigned more tasks using Google Forms instead of completing tasks on paper.
  • I would have connected more often to Google Cast as a way to model.
  • I would have introduced the camera and let the students take video as a part of a project.
  • I would have completed a hard reset more often- possibly designate a day to make sure all Chromebooks have been reset properly.
  • Start to work with Google apps before the start of the year and become familiar with them.
  • Go slow. You don’t need to change everything at once.
  • Realize you won’t know everything and the students will be able to help each other.
  • It’s ok to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Find ways to change old lessons around.
  • Start typing practice right away
  • Ask technology to let you set up your cart
  • Create a tech problems and solutions list - or find one
  • Added wipes to the donation list
  • Asked PAC for wireless mice sooner
  • Start Google Classroom earlier
  • Trust that the kids can often handle more than I think
  • Shut down and/or update more often
  • Set up more classrooms for reading groups and other subjects
  • Set better procedures/habits @ beginning of the year for profile/background pics
  • Organize folders from the start
  • Model with Google Cast

Tips for teaching in a 1 to 1 Chromebook classroom

  • Establish procedures early for getting and putting away computers
  • Get use to using Google Apps-- Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, Forms, and most importantly Classroom!
  • Shutdown the computers on a regular basis, this helps with updates
  • Use the Chromebooks for more than just AR, Reading Eggs, and IXL
  • Set up Google Classroom early
  • Familiarize yourself with the keyboard and shortcuts
  • When giving Slides or Drawings assignments, try to give basic instructions and then let the creativity go!
  • Be consistent with discipline on Chromebook rules
  • Use Google Forms or Socrative for quick checks for understanding and quizzes
  • Try new things even if you are not an expert at the program
  • Spend time teaching Digital Citizenship
  • Collaborate with other teachers
  • Set a goal to try three things
  • Think of ways to incorporate technology into everyday lessons, it doesn't need to be a special event
  • Let your students help you figure out how to use programs and websites. Don’t feel like you have to know 100% how to use everything.