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Connected Learning Team

The Connected Learning Team is dedicated to ensuring student success through collaboration with all TSC educators to personalize learning and use digital resources effectively, responsibly, and creatively. The Connected Learning Team provides ongoing professional development and supports teachers with general technology integration ideas, technical support, and much more. From Canvas to GSuite for Education tools, the Connected Learning Team is a willing partner in supporting the effective use of educational technology throughout the TSC.

Data and Systems Team

Educational data is a primary tool to see how our students, schools, and policies are working. Over time, the data show the results of changes we make in schools, letting us track progress and make adjustments. The Data and Systems Team supports various applications that house the TSC's data. From overseeing PowerSchool to custom application development to integrating data between an increasing number of platforms used by students and staff, the Data and Systems Team works to ensure TSC's data is secure, accessible, and valid. The team also supports any mandatory federal or state reporting requirements.

Network and Infrastructure Team

The Network and Infrastructure Team oversees TSC's robust network and telecommunication system, which provide connectivity to each of its 24 facilities via 95 miles of fiber, supporting an average data transmission of 900 MB per second. As part of these efforts, the Network and Infrastructure Team manages approximately 150 servers, 450 network switches, 1,200 wireless access points, and 1,100 IP telephones. The Network and Infrastructure Team also coordinates application deployment, security protocols, Active Directory, content filtering, and much more.

Technical Support Team

The Technical Support Team provides "front-line" support at the school level for most hardware and general technology needs. Members of the Technical Support Team work to ensure technology resources are functional and provide direct support to end users via the TSC's Technology Help Ticket System. In addition to addressing staff technology needs, members of the Technical Support Team play a critical role in supporting the TSC's various student-focused technology initiatives. From repairing broken devices to responding to student questions, the Technical Support Team prides itself on being approachable, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Christopher Weidner

Christopher Weidner

Technical Specialist
Mintonye Elementary School, Southwestern Middle School
Mark Zwolanek

Mark Zwolanek

Technical Specialist
Mayflower Mill Elementary School, McCutcheon High School
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