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Welcome to the Tippecanoe School Corporation E-Flyer Listing. This new distribution method will save our community thousands of sheets of paper a year, and will revert many school staff hours back to instructional time, while still providing our students and families with valuable community information. This page contains all of the information from community organizations that TSC students previously carried home in take-home folders. Parents will now have the option to view events online - camps, youth sports, performing arts, scouting, local events and programs. for parent informational letter.

The TSC cannot guarantee the accessibility of E-Flyers provided by third-party entities. Accessibility concerns about E-Flyers provided by third-party entities should be sent to the group/party in question.

Parent Information

In the Tippecanoe School Corporation’s ongoing mission to be environmentally conscious, we are ‘greening’ our flyer policy. TSC has permitted various non-profit community organizations the ability to distribute information of interest to families via the school newsletter and in some instances included in the take-home folders.

In an effort to ensure that our students receive information about community services or events which are related to regular school programs, TSC now utilizes electronic flyers (E-flyers). The ease and availability of the internet offers us an opportunity to significantly reduce paper usage and save staff time, while still providing our students and families with valuable community information. Flyers can be accessed from the TSC website parent link.

You can view and print only the flyers that are of interest to your family. If you lose a flyer, you can easily find it again on the website.

E-flyers will be posted to the website on the 15th and 30th of each month. If you do not have access to the internet, a limited number of flyers may be available at the schools.

If you are part of an organization who is interested in submitting a flyer for possible posting, please go to the E-flyer page and read the guidelines for submitting a flyer for approval.

We are confident this change will be beneficial to you and your family. If you have any questions about the E-flyer listing, please contact Pamela Flora, ( / 474-2481).

Dr. Scott D. Hanback


As a courtesy to our community partners in education, we allow relevant information to be shared with our students and their families via our online E-Flyer posting system, as long as it falls within the following guidelines.

Our guidelines state that community, educational, charitable, recreational, or similar groups may ask for permission to have flyers shared with our families. To qualify for posting flyers:

  • Must originate from a non-profit organization in Tippecanoe County and /or be sponsored by a group whose primary purpose includes the welfare of students.
  • Must promote events that are either available to students or which directly relate to a school.
  • Shall have the name of the sponsoring organization prominently displayed.
  • The final copy MUST have a non-endorsement statement similar to, “This is not a Tippecanoe School Corporation sponsored activity and the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the school district or its personnel.”

Information from our teachers, principals, PTAs, administration and Tippecanoe School Corporation may still be sent home in paper format, as well as being posted online.

Flyers are approved/posted twice per month during the school year on the 15th and 30th. Cut-off for flyer submissions will be by the end-of-day on the 13th and 28th of each month. Flyers received after these dates will be reviewed on the following approval date. You will be notified via email if your flyer has/has not been approved.

For families without Internet access, a limited number of flyers (25 or less per building) can be made available at the schools once the flyer has been approved. It is the organization’s responsibility to provide copies. Items must be bundled by school for distribution. Bundled flyers may be delivered to Pamela Flora at the TSC Administrative Offices, 21 Elston Road between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday during the school year.

E-Flyer Applications

Organizations wishing to post a flyer on our website must fill out an application Click here for Application (Form works best in IE. If you are using Chrome to view this document you have two options to fill out the form: 1) save it to your computer and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out and submit; or 2) fill it out online, print to a PDF, and then submit.) Once the form is filled out email the application and an electronic copy of flyer in .pdf format to:

Pamela Flora / (765) 474-2481

Current E-Flyers