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School Safety Information

TSC School Safety Specialist

Steve Tobias

Director of Buildings & Grounds

TSC School Resource Officer

Aaron Gilman

Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office
765-423-9388, extension 3534

TSC School Resource Officer

Elizabeth Kidwell

Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office

TSC School Resource Officer

Robert Rush

Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office
765-423-9388, extension 3531

See something? Say something.

It is a priority of the Tippecanoe School Corporation to provide a safe learning environment for all of our students and employees. Our administrators work closely with local law enforcement agencies and we have more than 30 trained school safety specialists on staff.

Standard Response Protocol

The Tippecanoe School Corporation recently updated its emergency preparedness plan to improve communication and understanding of the different procedures that will take place in the event of a crisis. TSC developed the standard response protocol with the assistance of law enforcement, fire and emergency management, to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Emergency Alerts

Finalsite offers a free service that allows you to receive instant messages via email or text from the Tippecanoe School Corporation about weather delays, cancellations and event reminders.

School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SROs) promote a safe learning environment through educating and building relationships with students and staff members. While they serve as law enforcement officers, their primary focus is on helping young people learn about personal responsibility and how to make good decisions. SROs are in the classroom providing positive educational programming, in the hallways, lunchrooms and playgrounds engaging students in conversation and activities, and collaborating with school administrators and staff to evaluate and improve safety procedures that promote student safety.

Meet our SROs


A graduate of William Henry Harrison High School, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certified officer for the past 23 years, the last four as a National Association of School Resource Officers certified School Resource Officer within TSC, certified I.D.O.E. Safe School Specialist, certified radKIDS instructor, certified instructor for Policing the Teen Brain, Explorer Post advisor, husband to a TSC teacher and father of two TSC students.

Officer Gilman

“I want to gain the students’ trust so they can come to me with any problems or concerns they might have whether they are inside or outside the school. I also want to help empower students to take ownership in their own safety and the safety of their community by engaging them in a variety of educational activities.” Deputy Aaron Gilman, TSC School Resource Officer


A graduate from Benton Central High School, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, deputy sheriff with the Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Office, RADkids and RAD women's instructor, Explorer Advisor, Indiana Sheriff's Youth Leadership Camp counselor, Shop with a Cop Director, assistant coach for Harrison Softball, aunt to four nieces and nephews in the TSC.

Resource Officer, Beth Kidwell

“I am excited to be on the SRO team and continue to build positive and pro-active programs to teach our youth how to keep themselves safe and make good decisions.  I look forward to being a positive female role model for the young girls in our schools as well and build the trust of all the students to feel comfortable coming to me if they need me.”  Deputy Elizabeth Kidwell, TSC School Resource Officer


A graduate of McCutcheon High School, 21 year veteran of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office, a National Association of School Resource Officers certified School Resource Officer within TSC, certified radKIDS Instructor and Explorer Post advisor, counselor for ISA Youth Leadership Camp, husband to a TSC PE teacher and father of two.

Officer Rush

“I enjoy being being a part of our schools. I especially enjoy being in the elementary and middle schools where I can get to know the students and interact with them so they see police officers in a positive light. I want students to know they can come to talk to me about anything.” Deputy Robert Rush, TSC School Resource Officer


School Safety Officers

School Safety Officers

School Safety Officers (SSOs) are off-duty sheriff’s deputies who are assigned to both of the TSC’s high school campuses during regular school hours. The primary role of the SSO is to assist with student and staff safety, provide security for the school campus, and serve as law enforcement officers when necessary.

School Safety FAQ

Our mission continues to center around providing the best educational opportunities for every student in a safe environment. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about school safety.

TSC School Safety Forum

The Tippecanoe School Corporation held a school safety forum August 9, 2018 at McCutcheon High School. TSC Director of Safety Steve Tobias, TSC School Resource Officers Aaron Gilman and Rob Rush and McCutcheon High School Counselor Megan Ulrich provided information and updates regarding security measures, programs, services and other initiatives related to safety.

TSC Superintendent Dr. Scott Hanback says the forum was a great opportunity to share information and get input from the community. “We appreciate all the parents and community members who attended the forum,” says Hanback. “I think they have a better understanding of the steps we have taken to enhance school security, what our school resource officers do, and what resources are available to deal with mental health concerns,” says Hanback.

Click here to view the presentation.

Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention and Response

The Tippecanoe School Corporation does not tolerate bullying and strives to create an environment where students feel comfortable going to an adult to report a problem.

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones and computers, or online on social media. The Indiana Department of Education provides these resources for Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention and Response.

The TSC provides training to school corporation employees and volunteers who have direct, ongoing contact with students. This training covers the corporation’s bullying prevention policy, plans and procedures.

Any student who believes he or she has been subject to bullying needs to report it immediately, complete an incident report and submit the written report to their school principal.

The WeTip Hotline allows anyone to make an anonymous report about bullying or any other information related to school safety. The number is 1-800-78-CRIME (1-800-782-7463).

TSC Weather Information

At times it will be necessary to close or delay the start of school because of unfavorable weather conditions. Several factors are considered when making that decision. They include road conditions, temperatures, the ability to safely operate buses and the condition of our buildings and parking lots.

WeTip School Safety Hotline

Report any wrongdoing that impacts our schools, our students or our staff! Your call to 1-800-78-CRIME (1-800-782-7463) will allow you to leave your information without identification. Your message will be sent immediately to school officials.