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Chrome Apps and Extensions

Chrome app and extension image

TSC students using the Google Chrome web browser, whether on a Windows laptop or a Google Chromebook, have access to a variety of web-based applications and extensions. Applications and extensions can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Using their TSC device, students will only have access to applications and extensions that have been reviewed and made available by TSC, which are listed in the "TSC Recommended Apps" section of the Chrome Web Store. In other words, students cannot install any application or extension they want, as not all applications and extensions are related to education or are secure to run on the TSC network. Below are short videos explaining both web applications and extensions, as well as the listing of available applications and extensions for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Below the listing of available applications and extensions, click here to submit a request for an application or extension not currently available. The request form can be utilized by both students and teachers. Once the form is submitted, the requested application or extension will be reviewed to determine if its educationally relevant and suitable for TSC students.