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Battle Ground students work for Common Good
Sue Scott

Help sort, fold and put away laundry. Wash dishes or unload the dishwasher after a meal. Write a thank you note to each member of your family for something nice they have done for you. Those are some of the “Common Good” assignments Battle Ground Elementary School teachers are giving their students.

Teacher Jolene Freeman says asking students to be helpful, responsible and kind in tangible ways in their homes and community helps build a child’s social and emotional growth.

“I want my students to learn that while academics are important, they pale in comparison to the value of learning how good it feels to help others and to show appreciation,” says Freeman.

Students send a picture of themselves completing the assignment or send an email explaining their work. 

Fourth grade student Logan Fassnacht helped his sister and his grandmother pull invasive species in the Battle Ground area on Earth Day as his Common Good assignment. In addition he washed the family car.

His mother, Brenda Fassnacht, appreciates the assignments. “I love that our teachers value well-rounded students and teach lessons that go beyond test results,” says Fassnacht. “It really promotes a good work ethic and healthy priorities.”

Thank you card for health care worker
student cleaning bathroom
students show bags of invasive species pulled during Earth Day