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Dayton kindergarten goes camping
Sue Scott

“Oh, no! What’s this? A muddy, murky swamp!” Students listen intently as their teacher reads the story, “We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt.” The kindergarteners are nestled inside a tent outside Dayton Elementary School. The schoolyard has been transformed into a camping site.

Next to the tent where one class listens to the story inside a tent, another group is doing a relay race: walk over a board, like its a log over a stream; sit in a kayak and row, like you are crossing the pond; then, grab a pole and fish (with a magnet hook and fish). The third group of students is sitting on straw bales around a pretend campfire singing and dancing.

Kindergarten teacher Kylie McMurry says the themed activity days started last year:
“These themes are separate from our usual curriculum, but we use them to add in science and social studies while building literacy and math skills in a fun, engaging way. We like to immerse students in imaginative experiences that may also give them the chance to experience something they may never get to do, like camping.”

Back inside the tent, students have followed the journey of the ghost hunters who are safely back home under the covers, already planning their next adventure.

Students listen to the reading, "We're Going on a Ghost Hunt."
Students sing and dance around a pretend campfire
Students jump in a kayak
Students gather around a plastic pool to try to connect a magnet fish to their hook