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Klondike scarecrow shares a golden message
Sue Scott

Pumpkins and scarecrows are a sure sign of fall. Some students at Klondike Elementary School got into the spirit of autumn by creating their own scarecrow that will be on display as part of the Trail of Scarecrows at Prophetstown State Park.

Teacher Sandy Nelson says the idea came from a parent when the second and third grade high ability classes were discussing a fall party: “We mixed up the classes in small groups and each group brainstormed ideas, submitted their favorite idea, and all the kids voted.”

The students chose to create a theme around the movie character Shrek. Nelson says at the end of each day the last words spoken over our PA system are, "Stay Golden, Klondike Nuggets!" It has become a catch phrase for our school and a reminder to follow our "golden rules" and do your best. Students earn gold tickets for exceptional behavior.
“The students creatively thought of integrating Shrek and Klondike by having Shrek wearing a KES t-shirt, passing out a gold ticket. There is a sign at the display that says, ‘Stay GREEN,” but green is crossed out and ‘GOLDEN’ is written instead. We hope visitors enjoy this creative display and are reminded to follow our Golden rules of showing: responsibility, cooperation, respect, integrity, and perseverance.”
Parents donated the supplies. During the party, students were divided up into groups to make their part of the scarecrow display. 
“It was awesome to see the students work through the important life skill of creatively sharing ideas and coming to a consensus,” says Nelson. “The students were actively involved and enthusiastic participants in creating a display that represents Klondike in one of our unique Tippecanoe County community traditions. As my class was leaving on Friday, one student excitedly shared, ‘This was the best day of my life!’"
The classes will take a field trip to Prophetstown during their unit about the history of Lafayette. They plan to participate in a program about the Native American settlement that was there from 1808-1811 and walk the trail of scarecrows.

The Klondike Elementary scarecrow and others will be on display along a paved trail at Prophetstown State Park from October 1 through November 6.

KES students painting pumpkins
Stay Green, no Stay Golden
Students create scarecrow pants
KES Scarecrow display at Prophetstown