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Mayflower comes to the aid of animals down under
Sue Scott

A lesson on information books turned into a service project in Leah Persin’s first grade class at Mayflower Mill Elementary School. The students researched kangaroos and learned about the effects the Australian bushfires have had on the animals.

“They discovered that some orphaned joeys are in need of some help as they are being hand raised,” says Persin. “Caregivers in Australia are imitating the way their mother would care for them which includes providing them with a warm and secure pouch in which the joey will live until it is old enough.”

The class decided to create pouches for the orphaned kangaroo joey. Thanks to a volunteer with a sewing machine, students took part in making a pouch by selecting the fabric, folding it correctly, clipping strings and getting it ready to send across the world. The students also included notes with their names to show who made each pouch.

The class is working with Wildlife Care WA (Western Australia).

students making pouches
volunteer shows students how to make the pouches
Students who finished pouches