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TSC awarded grant to expand outdoor WiFi
Sue Scott

The Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) has awarded the Tippecanoe School Corporation $117,407 in elearning funds to support the expansion of outdoor WiFi connectivity at Harrison High School and McCutcheon High School.

As part of the TSC’s plan for expanding broadband access, this project will extend WiFi coverage several hundred feet in a 360 degree radius on each school’s campus. This includes athletic areas, parking lots and outdoor learning spaces. Installation is expected to begin this spring.

TSC Technology Director Dr. Devin Arms says the grant funding for extended WiFi coverage is a welcomed addition to construction and renovations at both campuses: “The Tippecanoe School Corporation is fortunate to partner with WHIN to improve broadband access for our school communities. The enhancement of our outdoor WiFi coverage at Harrison and McCutcheon will provide patrons with expanded access to high-speed internet when they're on campus.”

The TSC project is part of a $6 million WHIN program to provide broadband solutions to schools in a 10-county region. North Central Health Services is a partner in the initiative.