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TSC Board of School Trustees appoints new member
Sue Scott

The Tippecanoe School Corporation Board of Trustees has appointed Josh Loggins of West Lafayette to the District 2 seat, representing the Battle Ground area (Tippecanoe Township). Loggins replaces Randy Bond who is retiring after serving on the board since July 2006. 

Loggins is an investment advisor with Banker Investment Group. After graduating from Harrison High School, he played professional baseball and earned his bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Loggins and his wife, Gina Quattrocchi, have two children in the TSC.

Loggins says he applied for the vacant board seat because he wanted to serve the community, specifically the youth in the community. “I feel that being a part of the board that plans the direction of the education of our youth is one way to make a lasting impact for years to come,” says Loggins.

Loggins will be sworn in as a member of the Tippecanoe School Corporation Board of Trustees at the July 8 meeting. His term will run through January 2022.