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TSC cancels classes November 19
Sue Scott

The Tippecanoe School Corporation will close Tuesday, November 19. Please read this message from TSC Superintendent Dr. Scott Hanback.


November 14, 2019

Dear TSC School Community,

On November 19 the Indiana State Teacher’s Association (ISTA) is hosting an action day at the Statehouse known as “Red for Ed” whereby teachers, parents, educators, and many other interested patrons will come together to promote public education raising awareness to issues many believe are inhibiting public education and compromising the teaching profession.

As one of Indiana’s largest public school corporations, the Tippecanoe School Corporation (TSC) understands and shares many of the same concerns being brought forward:

· need for resources to address the changing and complex needs of Indiana’s students

· reallocation of standardized testing dollars toward other student needs

· school letter grades that do not accurately reflect the good work of Indiana’s schools

· the constant barrage of unfunded mandates and requirements without the gift of time

The TSC supports its teachers and public education, while at the same time we also support honoring our commitment to the students and families in the corporation by providing quality instruction each and every day. As of today, nearly 220 TSC teachers (out of 750 total teachers) have recorded a personal day absence and plan to attend the action day at the Statehouse November 19. With this information in mind, the decision has been made to close all TSC schools on November 19 and make up the day on Monday, February 17.

I can assure you this decision was not taken lightly or without input from our school community. TSC’s school principals and other staff discussed creative solutions for covering classrooms however, despite our best efforts the substitute teacher pool is not large enough to meet the demand and we are not willing to sacrifice a quality instructional day with so many teacher absences. We recognize the predicament this may place on many families and we’re sorry for that.

It is TSC’s strong desire that the actions surrounding the events of November 19 bring about positive change for teachers and public education. It is my belief that there is no more noble profession than our nation’s teachers and I find no better investment for our future than supporting public education. Thank you for your support and the trust you place in our teachers and schools in the TSC.


Dr. Scott Hanback

TSC Superintendent