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TSC celebrates Class of 2020
Sue Scott

Friends, family and community members are invited to gather online to honor the Class of 2020. About 380 McCutcheon High School students and 440 Harrison High School students earned their diplomas and will be recognized in a virtual ceremony today (June 7). 

The ceremony for Harrison High School will begin at 1 pm at this link. The ceremony includes music, remarks from the class president and speeches from the eight valedictorians.

“The Class of 2020 knows adversity. They are used to uncertainty, and they know how to handle unpredictable times,” says Harrison High School Principal Cory Marshall. “In addition to their academic successes, the graduates have developed character, resolve and plans to move forward. I admire their abilities to rise above and I wish them continued success and good fortune.”

The ceremony for McCutcheon High School starts at 4 pm here. The ceremony will include remarks from the 17 valedictorians and a speech from a teacher selected by the senior class, Julie Charlesworth.

“The students who made up the Class of 2020 have remained positive, dedicated and resilient during the past four years,” says McCutcheon High School Principal John Beeker. “I have enjoyed watching them in action and listening to their goals and ideas. Our students are unique and will make a difference in their families, communities and workplaces.”