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TSC schools receive SIA grants
Sue Scott

Subaru of Indiana Automotive announced four TSC schools are among 15 Indiana organizations receiving grants from the SIA Foundation. The winners include Battle Ground Middle School, Burnett Creek Elementary School, Mintonye Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School.

Battle Ground Middle School will receive nearly $11,000 for robotic kits. Teacher Ricci Barber will use the funds to purchase 25 Lego Mindstorms Eve3 kits to enhance the engineering technology program.

“The new manufacturing unit will expand our curriculum to include assembly, programming, coordination between teams, and logistical analysis to determine the set up of their system to meet the overall class goals,” says Barber. 

Burnett Creek Elementary School PTO President Cassie Bishop received a $3,000 grant to help cover the cost of five new water bottle filling stations and their installation throughout the school. “These stations are hands free, as a motion sensor turns the water on and off. This means that there is no need for students to touch the surface and will reduce the spread of germs within our school,” Bishop says.

Music teacher Anthony Nicolia received a $5,200 grant to purchase world music drumming kits to use at Mintonye Elementary School and Woodland Elementary School. The package includes 24 varying drums and 30 different accessory instruments required for a World Music Drumming Ensemble.

“My goal as a general music teacher is to share as wide a breadth of musical experiences as possible with my students, sparking a lifelong love of music, and developing the skills necessary to be successful if they decide to join band, orchestra or choir in middle school,” says Nicolia.