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TSC students donate to Kentucky tornado victims
Sue Scott

What started as an idea from Student Services at Harrison High School grew to a schoolwide fundraiser supported by students, staff, families and school organizations. Harrison raised more than $6,000 for the American Red Cross to assist families impacted by the December 11 tornadoes in Kentucky. 

“The project was spearheaded by Kim Ropp, a clerical aide in the student services office,” says Counselor Sara Nicoson. “Kim is the embodiment of our school slogan, ‘Together We Will.’ Our students, parents, faculty, and HHS organizations understand that we are connected to all of humanity. Our desire to give to others is stronger than any disaster and binds us to others.”

Nicoson says for each monetary milestone reached, a TSC administrator will take a pie in the face at an upcoming Harrison pep session. So far, the targets for the dessert throwing are Principal Cory Marshall, Assistant Principal Geoffrey Salmon and Assistant Superintendent Kirk Booe.

Harrison Principal Cory Marshall accepts donations to be given to American Red Cross