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TSC students pen a classroom constitution
Sue Scott

“We the people of Room 211,” marks the beginning of a preamble created by students in Annie Brandt’s sixth grade social studies class at Klondike Middle School. After learning about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, students were assigned to create their own classroom constitution.

“The students did a great job thinking through what each part of the preamble meant and how it helps shape our country. They applied it to our classroom and made it fit our situation” says Brandt. “They are excited to be good citizens here at Klondike.” 

The Preamble was created at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. The famous document introduces the Constitution’s seven articles and 27 amendments. The students put their ideas together to create a similar document for their classroom that ensures everyone has a voice and is comfortable expressing themselves. Then, they all signed it.

Student Nola Franz enjoyed the project. “We need to have a good base for our classroom to be a team and be the best we can be.” 

“I think the most important part about it is that it reminds us to work together,” adds student Sophia Wilder.

One class preamble reads, “We, the people of Room 211, in order to form a more perfect classroom, establish equality and are responsible for our actions. We will put our full effort in every day, be attentive, and provide for the safety of our classroom. We will bring our supplies and good attitudes every day and secure a productive learning environment for us and those after us. We establish this constitution for second period.”

Three classroom preambles displayed