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TSC Teachers of the Year
Sue Scott

The Tippecanoe School Corporation has named Jessica Harris as the TSC Elementary Teacher of the Year and Sharita Ware as the TSC Secondary Teacher of the Year.

"We think this is a tremendous opportunity to recognize our outstanding teachers," says TSC Superintendent Dr. Scott Hanback. "These individuals demonstrate a passion for teaching, inspire students and serve as role models among their peers."

Harris is a Title 1 teacher at Mayflower Mill Elementary School. For the last four years, she has served as the CLIMB teacher providing intensive social and emotional instruction tailored to her students. Harris has been with the TSC for 13 years and holds a bachelor of arts degree from Purdue University.
Harris is an inspiration to her students and colleagues. 
“When you are around Mrs. Harris, you just want to do better,” says Mayflower Mill Principal Shannon Cauble. “She is a kind soul and is full of love for our students, school and staff. She just makes you a better person by being in her presence and our students feel that as well.” 
Sharita Ware is in her fourth year of technology and engineering at East Tipp Middle School. She has been with TSC for eight years and holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University.
Ware transformed the technology room and lab into an engaging, inspiring work space for students to explore their interests in STEM. She also founded an after-school STEAM Maker Space group and sponsors Lego League teams.
“My philosophy is to nurture my students and love them,” says Ware. “Once they trust me, I try to open their minds to a world of possibilities helping them explore their passions, work with others and solve problems.” 
Harris and Ware will represent the TSC in the Indiana 2021 Teacher of the Year program. A committee selected the two winners from a field of 19 building-level winners.
Elementary Schools
Battle Ground, George Berkesch
Burnett Creek, Kelly Stockton
Cole, Julie Storms
Dayton, Krystal VanLaere
Hershey, Kristin Strasser
Klondike, Lissa McKinnis
Mayflower Mill, Jessica Harris
Mintonye, Sarah Overbay
Wea Ridge, Kimberly Cullen
Woodland, Jennifer Heap
Wyandotte, Mollie Newman
Middle Schools
Battle Ground, Cassandra Fine
East Tipp, Sharita Ware
Klondike, Anne Brandt
Southwestern, Kendall Gatewood
Wainwright, Jason Learman
Wea Ridge, Lori VanArsdel
High Schools
Harrison, Martha Doyle
McCutcheon, Dennise Grater