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TSC trains on safety ahead of school year
Sue Scott

Law enforcement and school employees gathered before the start of the new school year to review emergency response protocols and participate in active threat training with the TSC School Resource Officers and the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office. 

TSC Safety and Security Manager Aaron Gilman says the goal of the program is for administrators, teachers, and support staff to better understand the elements that are already in place at our campuses to prevent, deter and address threats to our students and staff.  

“I also want them to better understand their roles in an emergency response situation involving an active threat inside the building,” says Gilman. “Every employee is part of the safety team.”

Through the exercises, participants had an opportunity to talk about different types of scenarios, have their questions answered and then get a hands-on opportunity to experience what an active threat may sound like within their building.

“The ultimate takeaway is that the employees of the TSC feel more informed about the emergency response protocols, understand their role within that response, and have more confidence in setting the response into motion,” says Gilman.

Police officer leads employees in the hallway for a scenerio