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Vending machine dispenses books
Sue Scott

A new vending machine near the front office of Klondike Elementary School is generating a lot of excitement. Instead of candy bars and snacks, students find “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” “Stuart Little,” “The Snow Day from the Black Lagoon” and other Scholastic books.

The Klondike Elementary School PTO purchased the vending machine and has supplied the books inside of it. Art teacher, Kelli Waggoner, created the artwork displayed on the side of the machine.

Every week teachers nominate a Nugget Award winner. The Nugget Award winners display at least one of the golden rules (be responsible, cooperative, respectful, do what’s right, and do our best). That student earns a token which he or she can use in the book vending machine.

Inside the machine is a variety of titles and reading levels to choose from. The book the student selects is theirs to keep. PTO President Bethany Martin says their goal is to give each student at least one new book each school year.

“Students are so excited when they come down to get their token,” says Assistant Principal Marisa Arms. “It has been a positive experience for our students and is promoting reading at home and at school.”

KES book vending machine front
side view of the KES book vending machine