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Wea Ridge students take the Walking School Bus
Sue Scott

Some Wea Ridge Middle School teachers and students are getting a little exercise in before classes start each morning this week. They are taking a “Walking School Bus.” Staff members meet students in the morning at one of five designated routes and walk to school together. 

Principal Fred Roop says this is a great way to encourage staff and students to get outside and get some exercise while the weather is nice. “The second goal is to find opportunities to talk to and connect with our students outside of the classroom. A twenty minute walk in the morning is a great opportunity to learn about and have a conversation with students.”
There are five, one-mile walking routes from The Commons, Waterstone, Woodfield Heights, The Landings and Valley Forge. Students who don’t live in those neighborhoods are still welcomed to catch the bus by going to one of the designated starting points. School Resource Officers assist groups as they cross at the roundabout at South 18th Street and 430 South. 

Teacher walks with students along south 18th street
Teacher leads students on the walking bus
Teachers talk to students along the walk
School resource officer helps students cross street