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More WiFi hotspots available to support TSC students
Sue Scott

Three new free WiFi hotspots are now available for families in Tippecanoe County thanks to a state grant. Wintek, powered by Tipmont, installed the public WiFi hotspots at Point West Mobile Home Park, Maple Mobile Home Park, and Buck Creek United Methodist Church. The locations were identified by the Tippecanoe School Corporation as areas where students had difficulty accessing high-speed internet.

The WiFi hotspots will offer free and unlimited 24/7 public internet access. To connect, users simply drive or walk near the WiFi sign, connect to “Free Wintek WiFi,” and accept the terms and conditions. A map identifying the specific locations and coverage area is available at

"The Tippecanoe School Corporation is fortunate to partner with Wintek to address gaps in broadband access in our community,” says TSC Technology Director Dr. Devin Arms. “A lack of high speed internet can impede students’ acquisition of digital skills and be detrimental to their academic success. We appreciate Wintek’s commitment to expanding broadband throughout the county.”

Currently, the TSC has outdoor WiFi at each elementary and middle school. Click here to learn more about TSC Outdoor WiFi Options.

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